WWE RAW Results (6/13/05): Angle Drafted To RAW; Austin/HBK!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Date: Monday, June 13th, 2005
Location: The Broome County Arena in Binghamton, NY
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Start of the Show:

The glass shatters and we are introduced to Stone Cold Steve Austin! The rattlesnake gets a huge pop as he does his classic salutes as the King says WWE Raw might become court TV in a minute! The music stops and the crowd goes wild. He thanks the fans first of all and then says he doesn’t own a house or piece of real estate in Binghampton but thanks for making him feel at home. He then says he is a little nervous and then says “summb—h” then says he feels better. He explains the situation and the phone call he received about this whole court ordeal from someone who feels he is getting the shaft. The crowd “whats” the whole thing. Austin gets to the point and says his judgement will be fair! He calls Hassan to the ring, who gets major heat. Hassan and Daivari walk to the ring smiling.

Stone Cold Court:

The crowd erupts with USA chants as Hassan extends his hand to Austin who says “I see sand people.” Hassan asks if he is too good to shake his hand. Austin says he ain’t too good, he just doesn’t like him. Hassan says Austin not liking him makes him just like everybody else. He asks why Austin doesn’t like him. Because of the way he dresses, talks, acts, etc. Hassan says he is not out here asking for justice, he demands it! Austin asks if he is throwing down some kind of threat and then calls him a bug eyed bastard. Austin says he is here unbiased but Hassan has two choices, get judged or get his ass kiicked and right now he is too close to Austin so he better back up, TWO STEPS! Hassan backs off and pleads his case saying he gets the shaft, is undefeated and is overlooked. Highlights are shown about everything Hassan has went trhough and honestly it was pretty bad… Hassan says it is uncontested undisputed video evidence. Austin touches his turban thingy and plays with it. Austin then says it is time for his decision. He says he thinks Hassan is a piece of garbage with his towel and gimmick beard. But after watching the video, Austin says Hassan is a little bit right and tonight he honors that Hassan and Shelton will have an Intercontinental title match tonight and he will stay around to be the special enforcer! Benjamin comes to the ring and the match is going to start now!

Intercontinental Title Match
Referee: Chad Patton, w/ Austin as Special enforcer
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Muhammed Hassan

The start:

When we come back live Shelton converts a spring move into an arm drag into a painkiller arm bar. Hassan works Shelton to the corner and he works him over there with rights and lefts. Shelton turns the tables and mounts Hassan for the ten punch but Hassan bottoms out sending Shelton head first into the turnbuckle. Hassan gets right on Shelton with punches and an irish whip to the turnbuckle.

Mid Match Notes:

Hassan stomps on Shelton and then poses to a chorus of boos. Shelton takes advantage and gives Hassan a small package for a two count. Hassan rolls out and bodyslams Shelton before applying a rear chin lock. Benjamin gets back to his feet and knees Hassan before tossing him through the first rope. Benjamin goes outside but Hassan changes the tides sending Shelton head first into the steel ring post. He grabs a steel chair but Austin snatches it away from him! Hassan goes back in the ring where he applies an abdominal stretch. Shelton flips over a vertical suplex and nails a neckbreaker as the referee starts the 10 count.

Bith men get to their knees and exchange blows back and forth in a rumble! Shelton comes off the ropes with a flying forearm followed by a back body drop and running knee to the jaw. Shelton covers but Hassan kicks out barely at two. Shelton goes for the stinger splash but Hassan catches him and powerbombs him into a pin. 1…2.. kick out by Shelton! shelton misses a blow and Hassan gives him a weird twist of fate like move with the elbow on the back of the head. He nearly gets a three count! He goes to toss Shelton over the top rope but Shelton lands on the apron and then hits a springboard bulldog!

The Finish:

Daivari hits the ring and Shelton bring him in flipping over the top rope. Shelton drops him with a huge flapjack and he rolls out of the ring. Hassan uses this time to hit a low blow and then he slaps on the camel clutch! Austin doesn’t like the low blow, he comes in, kicks Hassan in the head and gives Daivari the stunner

Winner by DQ: Muhammed Hassan, Shelton is still IC champion

Austin announces Hassan as the winner by DQ and then stomps a mudhole in him! Hassan shoves Austin off but Shelton is there to kick him in the head. Hassan turns dazed and he gets a stunner! Austin and Benjamin drink beer as Stone Cold Justice was served tonight!

Bischoff and Coach talk:

Eric Bischoff is rubbing his wounds as The Coach comes in and starts to talk. Bischoff says it never happened, the whole night never happened, and he never wants to hear of ECW again. Jericho comes in and asks why Christian is the number one contender for the WWE title. Bischoff says it is true and at Vengeance it will be Christian vs. John Cena for the WWE Title. Jericho says he is going to beat Christian’s ass tonight and prove he is better. He talks about being the first undisputed champion and so on. Bischoff says maybe after he does that they can talk. HHH walks in and asks Bischoff who the pick is going to be for tonight. Bischoff says he cannot do that. HHH says he is hearing rumors that the guy coming over here can go in the ring and say whatever he wants about Batista. HHH says he hopes they say something like “hey Batista, I like the way you dress.” HHH says that better be the case because if some second rate Smackdown jack-off screws this up he is going to be severely pissed off. He leaves angry as Bischoff smiles.

The MasterLock Challenge:

Chris Masters comes to the ring and says since nobody has broken the master lock he is offering 11 grand to anyone in the locker room to break the lock! Some weird music hits and Sgt. Slaughter comes to the ring in his gear! The fans go wild as Slaughter makes his way to the ring! He is wearing his custom glasses and big chin as well as his silly hat and wife beater over his camo. Masters says it is an honor and says it would be alright if he broke the lock, but what makes him think he has a chance? Masters then calls him an old man. Slaughter grabs the mic and says “OLLLLLD MANNNNN?” He then tells him to shut his hole. He says he doesn’t care about the 11 grand or the Master Lock challenge. Slaughter says he has a challenge for him, you scum, you slime, you MAGGOT! Slaughter asks Masters if he thinks he can break the Cobra Clutch. Slaughter gives Masters a clothesline and then stomps all over him! He slaps on the Cobra clutch and Masters is struggling! He creeps to the ropes but he is fading as the crowd roars. The referee checks the hand and it falls twice but the third time it falls on the ropes. MAsters then mule kicks SLaughter in the balls and slaps on the Master Lock. Slaughter fights and fights and fights but he finally falls to his knees and Slaughter is out. Doan calls for the bell and Masters has put another down with the Master Lock.

Promos are shown for the upcoming Hell in a Cell match between Batista and HHH at Vengeance. Christian and Tyson Tomko are shown heading to the guerilla position ready for the match against John Cena and Chris Jericho!

Referee: Mike Chioda
Tyson Tomko and Christian vs. John Cena and Chris Jericho

The start:

Christian and Jericho tie it up and Jericho hits an early headlock takedown early. He goes for the walls of Jericho early and almost gets them but Christian kicks him off. Tomko is tagged in and Jericho chops away at him before hitting a dropkick. Cena is tagged in and he brawls all over Tomko with rights and lefts to the body of Tomko. Cena hits a reverse elbow followed by a vertical suplex for a two count.

Mid Match Notes:

Cena ducks a blow and hits an inverted bulldog from the top rope on Tomko. He clotheslines him over the top rope and Christian hits the ring but Jericho meets him with a boot to the gut. Cena and Jericho lift Christian up and they throw him over the top rope onto Tomko! WWE go to a commercial break as Cena and Jericho stand tall.

When we come back live John Cena is in trouble with Christian but he hits a shoulder block and mounts a comeback with clubbing blows to Christian’s head. Cena nails another shoulder block and gets a two count. Jericho tags himself in and mounts Christian to pummel him. Tomko hits the ring but Jericho nails him with a spinning heel kick. Jericho then goes for Christian who is on the outside for some reason. Jealous? This allows Tomko to hit a big boot and Jericho gets in deep trouble outside the ring.

Back in the ring Tomko controls Jericho with clubbing blows. Christian comes in and knocks Jericho down with a right hand. He places Jericho in a rear chin lock. The crowd gets behind Y2J and he gets to his feet. He fights and sweeps the legs of Christian but he jumps on him and punches him instead. Jericho gets to his feet but he does not tag even though Cena is calling for it. Christian nails a reverse DDT and Tyson Tomko chokes the crap out of Jericho as Christian taunts Cena. Finally Jericho hits an inzeguiri on Tomko who went for a gutwrench powerbomb. He makes the tag!

The Finish:

Cena comes in with a major head of steam and cleans house with powerful hiptosses and more. He drops Tomko and Christian comes off the top rope but Cena punches him in the gut. Jericho takes Christian out of the ring with a clothesline and he follows. Cena drops Tomko with the spinning back drop and then nails the five knuckle shuffle! Cena executes the FU on Tomko and makes the pin!

Winners: John Cena and Chris Jericho

After the match, Cena is holding his title and taking in the fans when Jericho attacks him from behind! Jericho clubs him and sending him out of the ring where he smashes his head off the security rail and ring post. Jericho slaps on the walls of Jericho and will not let go even after a few officials beg him to. Finally Jericho lets go of the hold. He grabs Cena’s title and takes a long hard look at it as the fans chant “Jericho sucks!”

Highlights of the Diva Search are shown and afterwards we cut to Chris Jericho running to Bischoff saying he made things personal and he deserves the match now! Bischoff says he is convinced and Christian shows up and complains. Bischoff says it will be a triple threat match. Both men seem alright with it and then John Cena attacks Chris Jericho from behind and beats the CRAP out of him. Cena says he will take all of them. He screams that he will make it personal and if they want to go to war he will take them to war! Eventually officials pull Cena off of Jericho.

Referee: Chad Patton
Viscera w/ Lilian Garcia vs. Maven

Lilian Garcia comes out with Viscera and is all smiles! She holds his arm as they walk to the ring!

The start:

Maven gets an early shot to Viscera’s thigh but Viscera slaps him across the chest. Maven gets a rake to the eyes to even it up and he climbs the top rope and hits a missile dropkick. He covers for a two count. Maven tries to whip Viscera but it does not work. Maven comes off the ropes and Viscera drops him with a spinning slam followed by the sodomy shuffle he is now famous for. Viscera waits for Maven and he gives him a double handed sit down choke powerbomb. He gets the three count and victory as Lilian looks on smiling.

Winner: Viscera

Viscera and Lilian celebrate and they exit the ring and Viscera carries Lilian in his arms.

In the back Ric Flair is reassuring HHH that the guy who will come here won’t be that big of a player. HHH says Cena coming out last week proves that what McMahon said is true, nobody is safe. HHH says they have to go out there tonight and nip this thing in the butt and make a stand. He says they need to go out there and show whoever is coming over here that HHH and Ric Flair run the show.

Referee: Earl Hebner
Sylvain Grenier vs. Kane

Kane makes his way to the ring with dedication on his mind.

The start:

Grenier asks Kane to wait while he takes his jacket off but Kane goes right for Grenier with clubbing blows. He beats the crap out of Grenier in the corner before whipping him off the buckle and dropping him with a sidewalk slam. Kane choks Grenier in the corner before letting go and doing it again. Grenier gets a shot in when Kane is forced to break but Kane meets him with a sick uppercut. Kane kicks the gut of Grenier and then stomps away on him in the corner. Kane lifts him up and delivers more blows. Kane whips Grenier to the other corner and follows up with a clothesline

Mid Match Notes/The Finish:

Grenier gets in a good shot and he hits a missile dropkick from the top rope. Kane sits right up though and devliers a big boot! He drops Grenier with a chokeslam but instead of covering he picks him up again and delivers another! He then stands in the ring and decides to pick Grenier up and give him a THIRD chokeslam! Kane finally covers and gets the victory.

Winner: Kane

Before Kane can hit his pyro Lita’s music hits and she stands on the ramp. She says she is sorry to cut Kane short because he likes to go out with a bang, but isn’t he used to coming up short to satisfaction? She then calls out Gene Snitsky and says it really wasn’t all his fault, it was Kane’s fault. Who would want to have that ugly baby anyway? Kane stands upset. Lita says she wants to thank him and she grabs his beard and kisses him. Snitsky says “MY PLEASURE!” with a smile and then he walks off. Lita then brings out Edge and says instead of waiting, they are getting married next WEEK on RAW, for the whole world to see. Edge grabs the mic and he is wearing a Kane T-shirt saying “The Big Red Monster.” He makes mention of how the shirt says Kane is a monster, but next week after he and Lita get married, he is going to show her the REAL one eyed monster. They kiss on the ramp as Lita jumps on Edge and Kane looks on furious.

HHH intends to ambush the draft pick:

HHH’s music comes to the ring as he is ready to make sure that the next Raw draft pick does not get in his way of Batista. HHH gets on the mic and says that it’s hot in here and it must be him because he is on fire. He says he will be going to Vegas and what happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas will it will be seen live in front of the whole world when he kicks Batista’s ass in the Hell in a Cell. He will become the world champion for the 11th time. He says the King of Kings will go back on his throne. He then talks about the draft lottery and says it gives some people the idea that they can come out on his show and do whatever they want but he is here to tell them that it ain’t happening. He is here to make a stand. He tells the pick to come down and he and Flair will show them who calls the shots around here.

Moments pass by until… KURT ANGLE’S music hits! He makes his way to the ring! Angle gets on the mic and addresses HHH, saying it has been a long time. He says he can respect what he has done on Raw. He said that if it was anyone else on Smackdown they should take the backseat to him, but he’s not just anybody. Angle says HHH’s days of being number one here are over. Woo! Flair says “nobody says whoo around here except for me. The two men WHOO each other back and forth and HHH tells them to stop and says it is gimmick infringement! HHH says congrats to Kurt and it’s about he finally made it back to the big leagues, but that does not change a thing, it is still his show. He is about to become the champion again and that means he calls the shots.

Angle says the last time he saw him, it was WrestleMania 21, when he made Shawn Michaels tap out and the same night HHH lost his world title and got his ass kicked by Batista, Whoo! HHH takes off his jacket and says at least he WAS a champion at WM 21. HHH says that while he was busy selling out arenas world-wide Kurt was busy on Smackdown getting his ass kicked by Booker T’s wife Sharmell. Kurt Angle says he has a thing for other people’s wives, and since they are on the subject, what Michael Jackson got away with today was nothing compared to what he got away with with HHH’s wife behind his back! The crowd pops huge! HHH says that everyone made out with his ex-wife (oddly enough), and asks if Angle has a point for coming out here tonight. Angle says he does and talks about Batista. He says he is impressed, but not THAT impressed. He says he wants Batista right hre on Raw after Vengeance. He wants to prove he is the new top dog. He says when Batista faces him, he is going to choke. HHH goes to say something about Batista but Batista’s music hits and HE makes his way to the ring as well. He paces around with the title, mic in hand and he gets ready to speak as the fans chant him name. Batista welcomes him to Raw and then says “choke huh?” Batista says after last night’s ECW pay per view, he wouldn’t talk about choking at all. Batista then asks if he wants a match after Raw. Angle asks if Batista is intimidated. HHH says Batista is not scared of him, HHH trained him. HHH then says why not next week? Batista says he knows what HHH is doing and not to do that. Batista accepts Angle’s challenge for next week and Angle says it seems they all get what they want then! The music of Shawn Michaels hits!

HBK comes to the ring and says that not everybody got what they want, what about what Shawn Michaels wants? He then challenges Angle to a rematch at Vengeance and Angle accepts! Angle says he has a surprise for HBK tonight as well. He goes to clock HBK and all hell breaks lose. HHH brawls with HBK, HBK nails Flair with sweet chin music and Raw goes off the air as Angle and Batista are brawling standing while HHH and HBK are rolling all over the ring with fists flying!

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