WWE RAW Results (6/27/05): RVD/Big Show; Hogan Returns!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Date: Monday, June 27th, 2005
Location: The Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, CA
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WWE Monday Night RAW Opener:

The fireworks went off in the arena for the start of WWE Monday Night RAW as Jim Ross, The Coach and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to the show.

In the arena:

The music of Kurt Angle hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring. Angle got on the mic and said at WrestleMania 21, he made Shawn Michaels tap. Last night at Vengeance, Shawn got lucky, so this ties the series 1-1 and he bets his bottom dollar that everyone would like to see Round Three right here tonight. Well it s not gonna happen. He said he beat Shawn Michaels at the biggest show of all, and that counts twice, so as far as he is concerned, he and Shawn are through. He said he is here for another man; Batista. He said last week he didn t get a chance to beat him because Triple H stuck his big nose in his business and interfered in his match. Angle said he has beaten everyone in this business, and he the man around here, and there is not a person alive who can say otherwise. The music of Ric Flair then hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring.

Angle asked what the hell Flair was doing out there? Triple H is gonna come down here and babble for 20 minutes while he stands behind him and smile? Flair said he wants to shake Angle s hand. He came out here because he wants to reinforce every word he just said. He said if Angle stays healthy, he can be the greatest of all time. He said his son is a great amateur, and he wants his son to be like Angle and not him. He wants his son to be as good as Angle. He said he hates saying this, but he is a mark for Kurt Angle, he thinks he s that good. But saying you re the man? I don t think so. He said he still has to go with Triple H. Angle said he knows what he s trying to do, he s trying to get Triple H a rematch, but Batista has beaten him three times. Three Strikes and you re out! Flair said last night at Hell in a Cell, he got thirty stitches, cracked ribs and he isn t able to be here tonight, but he and Batista categorized themselves as great last night. Angle said Flair is looking at the best in the business, so why doesn t he do himself a favour, take himself to the back, take a nap before he gets hurt.

Flair asked Angle if he has ever crashed in an airplane? He said Angler had a great match last night with Michaels, but Angle shoots on Flair and he will put his finger through his eye. Flair said if he puts a hold on him, he will bite his finger off and drag him by the testicles. Flair took off his jacket and said he will hurt Angle if he screws with him. Angle said Flair has proven he s the dirtiest player in the game. Flair said you can t take that away from him. Angle said he has tried to be nice, but if he isn t careful, he s going to ask Bischoff for a match against him. Flair said Vince McMahon is sitting home drooling about Flair vs. Angle. Angle said he s got it! Right here tonight for the first time ever, it s going to be Kurt Angle vs. Ric Flair! They both wooed at each other and Flair left, and this match is set!

Later Tonight:

The final two draft lottery picks from Smackdown! will debut tonight, and the eight Diva Search Finalists are here also. We will also hear from Eric Bischoff on what he though of John Cena last night.

Last Night:

After the Triple Threat Match, Chris Jericho and Christian were arguing in the locker room when Eric Bischoff comes in. Bischoff said he has a solution, tomorrow night on RAW (tonight) he is going to make a six man tag with Jericho, Christian and Tomko vs. John Cena and two partners. He said Cena can pick anyone he wants. If he can t find any partners, it will be three on one.

Referee: Earl Hebner
Edge and Snitsky vs. Kane and Draft Pick

The music of Edge hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring with Lita, and he will be teaming with Gene Snitsky. The ring announcers informed us that a new draft pick will be in this match! The music of Kane then hit as he made his way down to the ring, and his partner is&

Kane gave Edge a big boot and then clotheslined him to the outside. Snitsky got a big boot and then Kane went outside and grabbed a steel chair and nailed Edge in the back with it. Edge went over the barricade and Kane followed him over and Edge and Lita ran through the crowd. The music of Eric Bischoff then hit in the arena and Snitsky was left in the ring. He said this was scheduled to be a tag team match, but since Kane and Edge have left, it looks like Snitsky will go one on one with the pick. Bischoff said this is the biggest pick yet, and whatever happens to him, it s not his fault. The music of the Big Show then hit as the Big Show is RAW!

Referee: Earl Hebner
Snitsky vs. The Big Show

The start:

The Big Show squared up to Snitsky and Snitsky gave him a right hand but Show fired back and then sent Snitsky to the ropes. Snitsky came back with a kick to the mid section and then right hands, but Show overpowered him and kicked him in the corner. Show then hit a big clothesline in the corner and then went to work with chops to the chest.

The Finish:

Show choked Snitsky with his boot in the corner and then gave him a big headbutt. Show gave Snitsky a suplex and then kicked him in the corner some more before hitting a short clothesline. Show charged at Snitsky in the corner but Snitsky got his boot up and then charged at Show, but Show caught him with the chokeslam for the win.

Winner – The Big Show


Maria is backstage with John Cena, and she goes to ask him a question, but she forgets it. Cena said it happens all the time, and Cena then took the mic and told her to go over there and think about her question, and he ll answer it. Cena shook his head and said it seems Bischoff is a little threatened because he doesn t play politics. Or maybe it s because he beat Jericho and Christian last night. Cena said tonight Bischoff has put him in a six man tag match, and he has to find two partners on a show where he doesn t have any friends. He said someone out there has his back, and introduces us to his partner&Shawn Michaels! Michaels welcomed Cena to the snake pit that is RAW, and Cena said there is two of them, and they are one short. Michaels said he has made the call, and the deal has been set, and he s on the 405 with a one way ticket to the Pond. Cena said tonight is full of surprises and then Maria comes back and asks if he found a partner. Cena says yes and then leaves, and then Shawn called her spectacular.


Candice Michelle is shown meeting the Diva Search Bimbos Contestants.


Edge and Lita are shown running through the back, and Lita goes into the dressing room to get her bag. She looks in the mirror and Kane is behind her. He grabs her and pinned her down. He said he wants this to this be over. He said she has had her fun, and now it s his turn. Kane grabbed her by the throat, and said this is just the beginning and he is going to make her life a living hell.

In the arena:

Chris Masters is in the ring, and said since he has got zero respect from anyone here on RAW, he is upping the Master Lock Challenge to $14,000 to entice someone to come out here and break the lock. So who s it gonna be? The music of Tajiri then hit as he made his way down to the ring. Masters said you do realise this is American money. Tajiri just stared at him, and Masters asked him if he understood. Tajiri took the mic and said yes, he understands, and then called him a Master Jackass. Masters shoved him and then Tajiri kicked him in the head. Masters sent him to the corner and then locked in the Tarantula. Tajiri went for the Buzzsaw Kick, but Masters ducked and he then went for the Handspring Elbow, but Masters hit a forearm to the back of the head. Masters then locked in the Master Lock, and this one is over. Jack Doan handed him his money back, and then Masters took the mic again and said it doesn t matter if you are American, Japanese, Chinese or Mexican, nobody breaks out of the Master Lock! He said from this day forward, he is demanding respect! Masters grabbed Tajiri by the hair and asked if he will respect the Masterpiece? Tajiri then spewed the Green Mist in his face and went up the aisle and Masters writhed around the ring screaming about his eyes.

The Cabana:

The music of Carlito hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring as the Intercontinental Champion for his Cabana. Carlito got on the mic and said this is history in the making, welcome to the premiere edition of the Cabana on RAW. He said Carlito has only been here a week, and he has already made a huge impact. He said the Cabana is about to replace the Highlight Reel here on RAW, and they won t be playing any of Fozzy s music on his show. He said he also replaced Shelton Benjamin as the Intercontinental Champion, but ladies and gentlemen, Eric Bischoff gave him some bad news earlier tonight. He said Carlito s guest is the final draft pick to come to RAW, but he also informed him that the streak of great draft picks has come to an end. He said they have drafted a lemon. Carlito introduced the pick and it s&ROB VAN DAM! RVD came to the ring in an ECW shirt to a huge pop. The fans chanted RVD, RVD as Carlito said he guessed Bischoff is right about a lemon, and an injured one at that. He said the last time he saw him was in the ring at ECW One Night Stand. If Carlito remembers correctly, RVD was whining and complaining about his only opportunity s to speak were to say whatever and cool. Carlito said he also said dude a lot. RVD said that s funny. A lemon you called him? Last time when he saw Carlito was in that same ring getting his ass smoked by the Superstars of ECW. Van Dam said he did give a little piece of his mind at One Night Stand, so he s gonna keep speaking. He said no one has ever seen anyone like Rob Van Dam, all the unique high risk moves are what makes him one of a kind. He said that will stay with him wherever he goes. He said rehab has been going great, and what he needs to get ready for is RAW to be taken to the Extreme. He said he s talking about the return of Mr. Monday Night, Rob Van Dam. Carlito said that is real cute, but the truth is, he s still injured, and Carlito likes it that way. Carlito kicked the knee of RVD out and then tried to removed the leg brace. Carlito took it off and then stomped on the knee of RVD and then drove it hard into the canvas. Carlito then spat apple at Van Dam and left to a chorus of boos from the crowd while RVD was left of the mat in pain.

Referee: Chad Patton
Ric Flair vs. Kurt Angle

The music of Kurt Angle hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for his first ever singles match with the Nature Boy, Ric Flair.

The start:

Flair and Angle went to lock up, and Flair backed off and slicked his hair back. They tied up and Angle scored with a side headlock takedown but Flair got out of it. They locked up again and Flair got a side headlock but Angle this time escaped. Another lock up, and Angle whipped Flair to the ropes, but Flair held on and strutted. Angle then charged at him and Flair backdropped him over the top to the outside. Flair followed him out and gave a him chop and sent him into the ring steps.

Mid-match notes:

Back inside and they locked up again, and Flair scored with a single leg takedown into a hammerlock. Angle countered into a hammered of his own and then slapped Flair across the face. Flair ripped at the mouth of Angle to break the hold, and then gouged at his nose. Angle came back with a takedown and then Flair went for the eyes and then got Angle in the corner and gave him some chops. Angle came back with some big uppercuts before tossing Flair to the outside. Angle went to send Flair into the steps, but Flair blocked and sent Angle into them. Flair tossed Angle back inside but Angle rolled out the other side and Flair followed. Flair gave him another chop and then a right hand, but then Angle came back with right hands of his own. Angle hit a belly to belly overhead throw on the floor as we went to commercial break.

Back on RAW, and Angle is in control of Flair in the middle of the ring with an arm bar, and during the break, Angle sent Flair hard into the ring steps. Angle continued to work over the arm of Flair and then backed him to the corner and slapped him across the chest, followed by some hard right hands. Angle sent Flair over the top to the floor and then Angle came out but walked into some chops. Flair sent Angle back inside but Angle met him with right hands. Angle hit a back body drop and covered for two and then locked in an STF. Flair bit the thumb of Angle to escape and then bit him some more in the corner. Flair chopped Angle but Angle decked him with a right hand to knock him outside. Flair raked the eyes on the outside and gave him another chop the chest, but then walked into a back drop on the floor.

Angle threw Flair back in and covered for a near fall. Flair came back with more chops and then a back elbow to knock Angle down. Flair strutted and went for an elbow drop, and scored with it before hitting a knee drop to the head. Flair went up top and Angle jumped up there and crotched him. Angle gave him some straight right hands and went for a superplex, but Flair fell off the top to the outside. Angle tossed Flair back inside and gave him the Angle Slam but Flair kicked up. Angle then went for the Ankle Lock, and locked it in the middle of the ring but Flair rolled through and bit the leg of Angle, and then grabbed him by the balls! Flair hit more chops on Angle, and then grabbed him by the balls again!

Flair gave Angle a chop block to knock Angle down and then went for the Figure Four, and synched it in the middle of the ring. Angle writhed in pain on the mat and went to tap but stopped himself and tried to turn it, but Flair quickly turned it again and Angle made the ropes. Flair chopped Angle in the corner and gave him some jabs but Angle came back with right hands of his own and then hit a German Suplex, Angle went for another but Flair grabbed the referee and then gave Angle a mule kick low blow.

The Finish:

Flair scored with a delayed vertical and draped an arm over Angle for two. Flair chopped Angle in the corner again and then hit a knee buster, but Angle grabbed his ankle again and locked in the Ankle Lock in the middle of the ring. Flair crawled to the ropes but Angle pulled him back to the middle of the ring, and then grapevines him and Flair was forced to tap out.

Raw Diva Search 2005:

The Coach is in the ring and he says it is time to meet the Diva search ladies of 2005. He says it would not be a Diva Search without last year’s winner, so Christy Hemme comes to the ring. The Coach then says then to bring them on. Ashley, Leyla, Summer, Kristal, Elisabeth, Simona, Cameron, and Alexias. The crowd is pretty dead as the ladies dance in the ring and Audioslave plays. Christy says congrats to the ladies and says being a diva is the best job in the entire world. Coach then says something about Christy losing last night at Vengeance and she says Vince McMahon could come out here and have them all punch him in the testicles. The Coach says they have 30 seconds to showcase their stuff, but Big Viscera’s music hits and he comes to the ring! If it’s a female, he gosta have it!

Coach yells for the music to be cut and tells Viscera it’s not his time. Viscera says the people are sick of him running his mouth and what he and all the people want to see is some hot sexy action! He says they need to get seeeeeeexy, Christy suggets the ladies get down to their bra and panties. Coach gets excited and says they can show the world. We have tons of photos of this posted at the link below. It’s a direct link right at the bottom. .Ashley steps up first and calls the rest of the girls prissy chicks and takes off her top and bottom, she looks hot, but runs out of time. Leyla is up next next and says she is not wearing anything under her clothes, but as the next diva, she will work hard. The fans boo. Her time gets cut! Summer steps up and has no mic skills what so ever. She takes off her top though and continues to have no mic skills. Then she takes her skirt off, that gets a small pop. Kristal is up next. She is alright. Elisabeth is next. She gets booed pretty bad. Simona says she is a hot blooded Italian American, she has a thong, it gets a small pop from the crowd. Cameron is from Florida, she is boring. Nice butt though! Alexis is our final contestant, she cuts some kind of promo. She drinks a beer and stuff, and then says as Ric Flair would say, to be the woman, you gotta beat the women. Viscera then talks and asks the crowd if he wants to see the ladies dance with Big Vis. Nobody cares. They dance. I hate my life.

Out of nowhere, Sargeant Slaughter comes out and says next week the contest officially begind and they will report for duty next week! He says chin up, and those chests out! He says next week, on the fourth of July, they will compete in an obstacle course. Next week will be the first ever Sargeant Slaughter Bikini Boot Camp! He says next week they are all his, and that’s an order! Christy says that is next week, but this week, let’s dance! I hate my life again.

Batista is with Todd:

Todd talks about how this was Batista’s first HIAC match and then asks him how he feels. Batista says he has holes in his back, holes in his head, and every body part was killing him. He says he and HHH went to war and says HHH took something from him last night and that cell took something from him that he will never get back. Todd asks if it was worth it. Batista looks at the title and says you bet your ass it was worth it. He said he’d do it all over again!

Cena and HBK’s partner, who is it?

Christian and Chris Jericho are in the back with Tomko. They talk about who the partner may be. Jericho suggests Jannety but Christian says he’s in jail or something. Christian says it might be his old buddy Kevin Nash. Jericho says Kevin Nash would pull a hamstring just picking up the phone. (CLASSIC) Then Tomko steps in and says, you don’t think it could be…. Jericho says “Well, we are near Hollywood…” They all laugh it off as WWE heads to a commercial break.

Referee: Jack Doan
6 Man Tag Match
Shawn Michaels, John Cena and ? (Read Below) vs. Chris Jericho, Tyson Tomko, and Christian

Tyson Tomko and Christian head to the ring as a unit followed by Chris Jericho. John Cena comes to the ring and tells them to cut the music. He then says the champ is here! But he brought some friends with him tonight! He says there are two members of the chain gang and each of them is ready to kick some ass. He introduces his first partner, HBK! Shawn Michaels gets on the mic himself and starts to talk. He says ladies and gentelmen, boys and girls, without further… his favorite tag team partner… and soon to be yours… the one… the only… THE IMMORTAL HULK HOGAN! Hogan comes to the ring to a chorus of cheers!

The start:

Cena and Jericho start it off. Jericho works Cena in the corner with chops and right hands early on. Cena gets a boot to Jericho’s face followed by two clothesline and a sit down hip toss throw. He tags in HBK who holds his feet out for Cena to bang Jericho’s head off of them. HBK and Jericho exchange chops in the middle of the ropes, Michaels hits a flying forearm off the ropes, Christian comes in but HBK knocks him down and then clocks Tomko but this allows Jericho to hit an inzeguiri kick to his head. HBK drops and Tomko comes in with a big powerslam. HBK is in trouble early!

Mid Match Notes:

Christian is tagged in and he works on HBK in the corner, he talks smack to Cena as his team picks on HBK. Jericho is tagged back in and he places HBK in a rear chin lock. The crowd gets behind HBK who gets to his feet but Jericho drops him with a kitchen sink knee off the ropes. Christian comes back in and he pummels The Heart Break Kid before tagging Tyson Tomko who drops HBK with a straight right hand to the jaw. He works over HBK and then tags Jericho again, who chops HBK as Tomko holds him in the corner. The fans chant for Hogan but they are silenced by a running bulldog by Jericho. Jericho misses the lionsault and HBK may have a chance for the tag! He crawls, the crowd is going wild….. Jericho tags Tyson, HBK gets Hogan! Tyson looks scared as Hogan knocks all men down in the ring! He nails Tyson with a clothesline, then does the you can’t see me! Jericho attacks him but Cena tackles him outside the ring. Hogan is getting double teamed in the ring but he hulks right up!

The Finish:

Hulk Hogan works his way to his feet as Christian and Tyson Tomko smash away on him. Cena is beating up Jericho outside the ring as Hogan hulks up some more. He grabs the heads of both men and smashes them together! He then calls for the crowd! HBK is in the ring and he cracks Christian in the jaw with sweet chin music! Christian rolls outside the ring as Hogan throws Tomko off the ropes and nails him with a big boot. Hogan and HBK call for the crowd! Hogan drops the leg on Tomko and covers. 1…2..3!

Winners: John Cena, Shawn Michaels, and Hulk Hogan

The three men pose in the ring and as Hogan goes to leave Cena grabs him and asks him to pose! Hogan and Cena both pose to the fans as HBK puts on Hogan’s head band! Cena poses a bit and then leaves the ring allowing the veterans to have their part. He bows to them as the Hulkamaniacs go WILD!

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