Here is another fan account of what happened at the SmackDown! house show:

And in the last match that would be seen that night the Boogeyman debuted. His entrance was a mix between Papa Shango, Goldust, & Damian Demento. He cut a promo, which was so lame that most fans laughed through it. Then, his last line was something like, “I’m your worst nightmare.” Then thunder and lighting hit, and rain down poured over everyone, causing everyone to run for dry areas. Doug Basham (with hair) ran out to get beat in a match that lasted less then 30 seconds. If there were WWE camera at the event this would have been a perfect way to display his debut because without the thunder showers his promo was laughable.

After the match, fans waited around for over an hour because WWE couldn’t decide what they were going to do. First they said they were taking a short break while it rains, then they said they would continue after cleaning the ring, then they canceled the rest of the event. They told fans to keep their tickets to be redeemed at a later date. I highly doubt WWE will rewrite their schedule to make up a rain date in Frederick, MD, which sucks because paying $45 dollars to see the matches that were shown was not worth it.