As has been reported, last week’s explosive WWE roster cuts were largely done with cost in mind. However, in choosing which talent to cut, various factors were evaluated. Below are specific reasons for several of the releases.

– In addition to lacking the in-ring and microphone skills necessary to succeed, Mark Jindrak reportedly did not have a great attitude and was said to be more interested in life on the road than becoming a great wrestler. WWE felt that he had numerous opportunities to get over on television, and failed each time.

– Aside from having a mixed backstage reputation, Maven was also said to be progressing very slowly as a wrestler and having trouble connecting with the fans.

– Despite the initial backing of Johnny Ace, Kenzo Suzuki, too, did not have the charisma or in-ring ability needed to warrant a place on the roster.

– WWE had little use for David “Gangrel” Heath – his gimmick was far too outdated for the modern scene.