Triple H is currently on a hiatus from WWE television, a break that some sources say could last for a few months. Over the course of his hiatus, which is the product of HHH wanting time off to rest his body, Triple H will be undergoing an orientation process at WWE Headquarters. It is no secret that HHH is viewed as an eventual heir to the WWE throne, and, at Vince McMahon’s suggestion, he will learn more about how WWE – the enterprise – operates.

HHH is already a frequent visitor at WWE Headquarters, where he utilizes the gym and has a great rapport with office workers.

Contrary to rumors, Triple H’s hiatus has absolutely nothing to do with Hogan’s return to RAW. While the two are not best friends, they have no problem coexisting and working in the same lockerroom, so HHH did not decide to leave out of resentment. In fact, one source states that it’s even possible HHH requested time off before the plan for Hogan/HBK had even been derived and that Hogan was brought in to fill in the void left by HHH’s absence.

A feud between Ric Flair and Triple H is said to be inevitable, although there are conflicting reports as to when it will begin. One source was under the impression HHH would work against Flair at Summerslam, while others insist that HHH will not be present at the PPV in any capacity.