The Hulk Hogan media blitz continues. There is an interview with Steppin Out magazine where he basically promotes his new VH1 reality show. There’s also a short article about Hogan over on

It is pretty obvious that WWE is building a Shawn Michaels vs. Hulk Hogan feud for SummerSlam. We’re told Hogan will be around until the PPV. WWE sent out a press release yesterday stating that Hulk Hogan, Batista & John Cena would face Kurt Angle, John Bradshaw Layfield & Shawn Michaels in a match at the 8/15 Raw from Montreal.

Several sources have indicated that Hogan and Lesnar have been brought back with huge money deals with WWE. The feeling is that Hogan is and has always been a draw and it’s not asking much to pay him what he gets and many just understand what he has done for the business. Brock Lesnar is a different story though as many guys are being released and Lesnar, who walked out on the company shortly after WrestleMania and left many hanging (Goldberg, Rock, Austin, and Hogan all left), is being brought back to a multi-million dollar WWE deal. It’s pretty safe to say that many of the guys do have resentment towards Lesnar and will have to get the guys on his ‘good side’ again upon returning.