Despite the fact that many WWE wrestlers have been released this week – with more cuts still to come – The Dudleys’ release is still at the forefront of the situation. Although the original reports about the wrestlers and WWE not being able to come to terms on a contract renewal are correct, there is reportedly more to the story.

The Dudleys lost some political leverage after opting to take some time away from the ring last year, and upon growing ready to return, they were told WWE creative had absolutely nothing for them. While the Dudleys put on happy public dispositions, they were said to be furious in private over the situation.

Additionally, Bubba Ray reportedly made derogatory comments about Stephanie McMahon over the creative team’s failure to book their return. Undoubtedly, such a verbal attack hurt chances of WWE entering negotiations with generosity in mind.

As reported, the tag team will likely receive offers from TNA and Japanese promotions.