Partial Source:

-Matt Hardy had a huge line after the show for autographs and photos. Also, there was a cameraman with Hardy, documenting everything for his website.

-CM Punk had a bit of an altercation last night with some fans who were throwing garbage in the ring at him. Some live reports I’ve heard have said Punk chased one fan who hit him with a bottle clear out of the building and onto the street outside. We’re told he never caught up with the fan, which was probably good, and was brought backstage by ROH management.

-CM Punk also suffered a deep cut on his back in his match with James Gibson, as well as a broken nose.

-Christopher Daniels suffered a split lip either during his match with Matt Hardy, or during his brawl with Punk following the main event.

-Christopher Daniels vs. CM Punk has been announced for next Saturday in Philadelphia. This is a match that has been in the making for a very long time.

-Fast Eddie wrestled in jeans last night due to his bags being lost by his airline.

-Fast Eddie teamed with Excess 69, who works in IWS in Canada, in the Ultimate Endurance last night. Apparently, Excess is now part of the Embassy.

-Dixie took part in an injury angle last night. He was not injured by Homicide, but rather is getting a bit of time off to be repackaged and brought back, as ROH officials are big on his work.

-Former ROH Pure Title Champion Jay Lethal was not at ROH last night because he was working for Jersey All Pro Wrestling. He teamed with Charlie Haas last night.