WWE Smackdown! Results – 6/30/05
Anaheim, California

Start of the Show:

The music of Muhammad Hassan hits as he and Daivari make their way to the ring. After the music stops we can hear nothing but USA chants. Hassan speaks about the fourth of July and what people will be doing this weekend. Hassan says growing up as an Arab American he has a different idea of what we call Independence Day. He says he does not feel like a free man, he asks Daivari if he feels like a free man a few times and he screams NO! He says he feels like no free man, he feels like a prisoner in his own country! But it ends tonight! Because tonight, when he wins the five way elimination match and becomes Smackdown champion, he will be on top of the world looking down on all of us! He said last week he took down the 7 foot tall Big Show. He then says he is still undefeated, even though he lost to Benjamin. He then talks about his opponents, including the Taker. He says the Taker should not be in this match; the day of the dead man has come and gone. He says we are looking at a new icon; the great Muhammad Hassan!

The lights go down and the music of the Undertaker hits! The bells toll as the dead man makes his way to the ring! The Taker stops at the steel steps and makes the lights come on. Taker stands toe to toe with Hassan as Daivari bolts to the apron. Hassan says he is glad the Taker came out here. He says maybe the Taker is not like all of the other Americans. Hassan then tries to suck up to the Taker telling him he has had a great career and such. He says he has beaten all the greats, except for him, the great Muhammad Hassan. Taker slaps a choke on him but Daivari cracks Taker in the back with a steel chair but he does not budge! Taker grabs Daivari as Hassan books for it and then he chokeslams Daivari to the mat!

Cruiserweight Championship Match
Referee: Jim Korderas
Chavo Guerrero vs. Paul London (c)

The music of Paul London hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring to defend the Cruiserweight Championship.

The start:

The two men circle the ring before locking up. Chavo takes London down with a toe hold. London reverses and works his way up where he hits a shoulder block and gets a quick cover. The two men regroup and throw some shots at each other. London gets the upper hand as he sends a boot to Chavo’s face and then nails a mule kick sending Chavo flying to the outside. Chavo runs around the ring and tricks London when he gets back in the ring to gain control.

Mid Match Notes:

London is down in the corner as he tries to kick at the gut of Chavo but Chavo clubs him and then drops him with a back suplex for a two count. Back and forth action ensues until Chavo climbs the top and comes flying off but London meets him with a dropkick to the chest. At this time, The Mexicools come to the ring on John Deere bikes. Chavo and Paul look at each other and prepare to fight together! The Mexicools come into the ring and they take on London and Chavo who fight well together but it’s only a matter of time before the Mexicools get the upper hand. Super Crazy drops the referee out of the ring and then tosses Chavo over the top rope and to the outside after he is whipped.

The Finish:

Paul London is stomped in the corner as Juvi grabs a microphone and cracks the time keeper in the head with it while he laughs. He gets in the ring and London tries to attack but they beat him down and throw him into the ring post. Juvi then introduces his people and talks about the gringos and asks if there are any Mexicans in the house. He says they can revolt and stuff. They say they are not Mexicans, they are Mexicools! Then they leave.

Winner – No Contest

Eddie & Rey, is it over?

Highlights are shown from last week’s main event between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio that saw Rey Mysterio pin Eddie Guerrero once more! After the highlight we cut to Eddie Guerrero with Josh Matthews and Josh asks why he was smiling last week after he lost. Eddie says it is because he knows the truth, and tonight, Mysterio will walk out to that ring, get on his knees, and BEG him not to tell the truth!


We are in the back with MNM and Melina. She asks if Paris called back. She says Paris is coming, and a bunch of celebrities are coming, but Ashton could not make it because Anaheim is a fake Los Angeles. One of the MNM guys says Orange County sucks. Melina says she is going out there tonight by herself because it is her time to shine. When she opens the locker room door a ton of pictures are taken and we can hear some guy yelling “Melina over here! Over here!” She smiles and walks off.

Referee: Charles Robinson
Melina vs. Michelle McCool

Melina heads to the ring on the red carpet with the paparazzi taking her pictures. She does her entrance as the crowd pops after booing her initially.

The match:

Michelle tackles Melina right off the bat and then tackles her against the barricade! Melina tries to run by Michelle grabs her by the hair and brings her back in the ring. She then pulls her off the ropes and slams her on her back before rolling her up for a two count and then nailing her with a dropkick. Melina begs for Michelle to stop and when Michelle looks at the referee Melina cracks her in the jaw with a forearm. She then chases her down and chokes the life out of her. She tosses Michelle off the ropes but Michelle kicks her in the chest. Michelle mounts Melina for the 10 punch but Melina throws her off after a few and then uses the ropes to get the win.

Winner – Melina

The Aftermath:

MNM come to the ring and drop Michelle with the snapshot! Heidenreich hits the ring to clear it out but the damage has been done to Michelle.


Chris Benoit is shown strapping up and doing pushups in the back to get ready for his match tonight!

Will Eddie tell the Truth?

The music of Eddie Guerrero hits and he makes his way to the ring. He comes to the ring with a stone face. He climbs in the ring and views the crowd at Anaheim as they boo him. The music dies down and he asks if everybody saw the match he had last week with Rey Mysterio. The crowd cheers for Rey when he says he guesses everyone saw him lose then. He says everybody in here probably thinks he’s a loser? he says the only loser in this is Rey Mysterio. He says he is a winner in life, he’s overcome obstacles and situations that each and every person can only dream about. He says he did a little bit of soul searching; he took a journey, to find his barriers. He says he took a camera to document his journey. He says it is interesting and Mysterio will find it interesting too because it involves one of his family members.

The footage is of Eddie Guerrero shown in a playground. He says it is Rey’s son’s daycare center. His son is swinging on the swings as Eddie waves to him and tells him to go higher. He then gives him some candy and then tells him to go up and down the slide as fast as he can. They high five and he sits on his lap. He asks the kid if he loves him and he says he does and calls him Uncle Eddie. He asks if he likes bed time stories and the kid says he loves them. Eddie says he is going to tell him a bed time story he will never ever forget. They hug and the footage ends. Eddie is in the ring and he calls for Mysterio to come out to the ring. He asks if he should tell everybody their little secret. Mysterio comes to the ring with no music.

Mysterio gets in the ring and Eddie tells him to calm down. Eddie says Rey doesn’t want him to go there? Doesn’t want him to tell the truth? He asks if it is time for Dominic to know their little secret. Eddie screams for Rey to hit him. He shoves Rey to the ground and then screams for him to hit him. Eddie says nobody beats Eddie Guerrero; he always comes out on top, always wins, no matter how it happens! Eddie then tells Mysterio to beg him not to tell the truth. Mysterio gets on his knees and begs. Mysterio is begging as Eddie pulls out some candy and asks Rey if he wants some. He says it tastes good. He then chews some of it up, spits it into his hand and rubs it in Mysterio’s face and says “CHEW ON THAT.” Eddie drops the microphone and leaves the ring as Mysterio looks very upset.

Six Man Elimination Smackdown ChampionShip
Referee: Brian Hebner
Christian vs. JBL vs. Muhammad Hassan vs.
The Undertaker vs. Chris Benoit vs. Booker T

The rules of the match are explained by the ring announcer and JBL is the first to come out to the ring. Hassan is the next to come to the ring without Daivari. Booker T is the next man to come to the ring followed by the rabid wolverine; Chris Benoit! The music of Teddy Long hits and he says last week it was supposed to be a 6 man competition but the Big Show was drafted by Raw? you lose one and you gain one.. so the 6th man is.. Christian! Christian comes to the ring with no Tomko. The lights dim in the arena but they come right back on and the Taker is in the ring! Christian has no clue as the others high tail it!

The start:

Christian tries to reason with the Taker but he cracks him in the jaw and unloads on him. The Taker turns the table and works over Christian in the corner with a haymaker. He whips Christian and then gives him the snake eyes followed by a big boot and a leg drop. He covers? 1?2.. kickout by Christian. Christian high tails it and tags Hassan as Smackdown cuts to a commercial break!

Mid Match Notes:

When we come back from commercial break the Taker is unloading on Hassan as he has dominated him throughout the break. Taker delivers a punch to the neck in the corner before giving him a snapmare and grinding the forearm into the throat. Taker slams Hassan’s head off the buckle before tagging him some more with body and rib shots followed by a blow to the head. Taker runs into an elbow but then Hassan runs into a big boot sending him down to the mat. Taker grabs the arm of Hassan and he tugs on it before going up for the old school! He drops Hassan with it and then backs him into JBL’s corner. JBL wants no part of it all but he shoves the Taker making him legal. Taker does not want to go so he clocks both men in the face! Hassan gets back in the ring and flies to Benoit to make a tag. Benoit works on JBL with chop after chop before nailing him with some forearms to the head. Benoit hits a snap suplex followed by a fast running elbow drop. Benoit kicks the gut of JBL in the corner before chopping the hell out of him some more. JBL gets a thumb to the eye and he takes control with a club to the back of the neck. JBL picks Benoit up and he hits a neck breaker followed by an elbow drop. JBL covers but only gets a two count.

JBL picks Benoit up and clubs him in the back of the neck. JBL misses a clothesline and Benoit gives him a diving shoulder block to take him down. Benoit slaps on the german suplexes and he hits three in a row before pinning JBL who noly kicks out at two. Benoit whips JBL but JBL gets the upper hand. Benoit chops on JBL but JBL runs and tags Hassan who does not want to get in! He finally does and actually nails a snap suplex on Benoit before hitting him with a forearm off the ropes. Benoit gets a go behind but Hassan blocks, Benoit turns it into a northern lights for a two count. Benoit controls Hassan with chops to the chest, but Hassan fights back. He ducks a blow but Benoit gives him a release German suplex. Hassan crawls to the corner of the taker and then punches him in the face. This makes Taker legal but Taker unloads on Hassan in the corner as Benoit looks on. Taker tosses Hassan out of the ring and follows him. Hassan grabs a chair but The Taker gives him a big boot to the face and then cracks him in the spine with a chair! The Taker gets DQ’ed and he cracks Hassan in the spine yet again!

Eliminated First – The Undertaker by DQ

Smackdown goes to a commercial break as only five men are left. When we come back Booker T and Chris Benoit are getting into it in the corner as Booker T nominated himself to take over Taker’s spot. They then state that Hassan has been run out and he is eliminated as well.

Eliminated Second – Muhammad Hassan

Booker T is in control of Benoit with a standing back kick to the chin of Benoit. He covers for a two count. Booker T then sets Benoit up in the corner where he chops twice but Benoit reverses for three of his own! Benoit gives Booker T a kitchen sink sending him flipping and then he does it again. He covers and gets a two count. Benoit places Booker T in the abdominal stretch but Booker T will not quit. Benoit eventually lets go and throws a right hand before giving him a snap release suplex. Benoit scoops Booker T and slams him before delivering an elbow on him. Benoit picks Booker up, Booker blocks a suplex and then hits a vertical suplex of his own. Booker picks Benoit up and whips him before dropping him with a clothesline. He stomps on Benoit as JBL taunts on. Booker goes to grab Benoit but Benoit gives him a small package for a two count.

Benoit kicks at Booker T but Booker catches his foot. Benoit nails him with an enzeguiri to the back of the head. Both men are down and they do not tag after getting up at 7! Booker T hangs Benoit on the ropes, but he misses a scissors kick, Benoit sweeps the legs and goes for the sharpshooter but Booker kicks him off. Benoit sweeps the legs again and this time he slaps on the sharpshooter!Booker has nowhere to go as Booker tries to roll out. He crawls and crawls to the ropes but JBL pulls the ropes away. Benoit slaps on the crossface then but JBL tags Benoit for some reason. JBL gives Booker T three swinging neck breakers and he goes to cover but Benoit tags himself in! Benoit comes in the ring and gives Booker T a superplex! However, at the height of the superplex, JBL tags Booker T! He runs in the ring after the suplex and gives Benoit a DDT, he covers Benoit and gets the three count!

Eliminated Third – Chris Benoit by JBL

Now JBL is in the ring with an already suffering Booker T. JBL smiles as Smackdown goes to a commercial break. When we come back from commercial break Booker T is whipped in the corner but he gets a boot up and then he drops JBL with a spinning leg lariat! Booker T chops the crap out of JBL in the corner but Christian tags JBL and then clobbers Booker T as JBL hangs onto him. Christian drops Booker T with a neck breaker before going for a rear naked choke on the Book Man. Booker T gets the crowd behind him and works his way to his feet where he throws elbows, he ducks a clothesline but Christian nails him with a dropkick right on the kisser. Christian goes back to the rear choke again and Booker gets to his feet again. The two exchange blows but Christian gets a boot to Booker T. Christian comes off the middle rope but Booker T catches him and drops him with a flapjack! Booker then nails a clothesline, he goes for the scissor kick but misses, Christian goes for the Unprettier but Booker T shoves him off the ropes and nails big kick to Christian’s head. He covers. .1?2.. kickout by Christian! Christian runs and JBL makes a tag.

He comes in and kicks Booker T right in the jaw. He then clotheslines Booker T all over the ring. JBL calls for a power bomb but Booker T gives him a back body drop. Booker runs at JBL but gets kicked in the jaw once more. JBL whips Booker to the corner but Christian tags the back of Booker. JBL does not realize it and Christian comes flying off the top rope onto him with a double arm clothesline. He covers 1?2.. no! JBL gains control with a back body drop but Christian gains it shortly after a tornado DDT that NEARLY puts JBL out of the match. Christian picks up JBL but JBL reverses into a neck breaker! He places Christian in a rear naked choke. Christian tries to squirm out and he does and he dodges a few blows but he is caught in a fallaway slam. Christian goes flying and Booker T tags his fallen body.

Booker T comes in with a head of steam on JBL as he kicks his ass all over the ring before hitting him with a high knee to the jaw! Booker heads to the top and he nails JBL with a missile dropkick. 1?..2.. noLLY able to kickout is JBL. Booker T ducks a blow from JBL after both men are up and he drops JBL with the Book End but JBL kicks out AGAIN. Smackdown heads to a commercial break as JBL will just not go down. When we come back JBL is in control of Booker T and he goes to the top rope but Booker catches him in a powerslam! 1?2.. JBL kicks out again. Booker T is in control as he chops JBL but JBL thumbs the eye. JBL whips Booker T off the ropes and he bounces off the ropes to go for the clothesline from hell but Booker ducks but Christian tags JBL when he went off the ropes. Booker T kicks JBL in the gut but as he goes for the axe kick Christian rolls him up from behind and gets a three count!

Eliminated Fourth – Booker T by Christian

Booker T argues with the referee because he did not see the tag but it was legal and Booker T is sent off. Christian is celebrating and slapping his chest at the crowd as he has eliminated Booker T! Christian is all smiles but he turns around right into a clothesline from hell from JBL! JBL covers. 1?.2?3! JBL is the new Smackdown champion!

Winner – John Bradshaw Layfield

The Aftermath:

Teddy Long comes to the ring and says he has some good news and some bad news for JBL. JBL does not care and he is crying as he thinks he has won the championship. Teddy Long says JBL is NOT the champion because there is no need. The good news is he is the new number one contender for this man.. the final draft pick and World Heavyweight Champion; Batista! Batista heads to the ring in a suit with his Heavyweight title. He stands above JBL and stares him down as he holds his world title in the air and screams as Smackdown goes off the air


WWE Smackdown! – Quick Match Results

– Cruiserweight Title: London & Chavo; No Contest
– Melina def. Michelle McCool
– Elimination Title Match: JBL def. Christian, Booker T, Undertaker, Benoit and Hassan