Thanks to John Permaul for the following:

Here s a few notes from New Jersey s RAW. The arena was taped off in the upper sections. Everyone was surprised by the two surprise appearances, Roddy Piper and Matt Hardy. When Matt Hardy attacked Edge backstage the entire arena went crazy. Hardy had an unbelievable crowd reaction when he went into the ring to attack Edge. His reaction ranked up with the one Cena received.

During the Roddy Piper entrance for Piper s Pit, Jonathan Coachman entered the ring. He stated how Eric Bischoff can no longer serve out the night as general manager since Cena took him out, but he assures the crowd that we would still be able to see the Cena/Batista vs. HHH/JBL match after RAW went off the air. The Coach then goes on to say how he should have Coach s Corner . Roddy Piper reacts by asking the Coach what are you the coach of ? He goes on to insult Coach, calling him crone dome and the Coach leaves shortly after.

Shawn Michaels didn t get sevrely booed, but as the Piper s Pit segment progressed the boos continued to grow. After Shawn Michaels superkicks Roddy Piper, three referees come out to check on Piper. Piper is helped up, but he is determined and leaves on this own, storming up the entrance ramp. The Piper s Pit set is cleared away and then the off-air main event starts.

Triple H was the first to come out. He was cheered big time during his entrance. I was surprised by the reaction. The fans really liked him tonight. Bradshaw was the next to come out. He was booed, and then he went over to HHH. Cena came out next to a huge ovation. This ovation topped his ovation he recieved earlier in the night (during his entrance that aired on RAW a good amount of people booed him but everyone cheered him in the end). Batista came out last, getting the biggest ovation of the night. Cena and Bradshaw started off the match. The match went back and forth, and then the match started favoring HHH and JBL. At one point Cena went for the 5 knuckle shuffle on JBL, and then HHH pulled his leg to get in a cheap shot. Cena then turns around and gets the Clothesline from Hell.

The turning point came when Triple H went to the top rope. Cena was lying down in the middle of the ring and while Triple H was on the top rope, he did the you can t see me hand gesture and leapt off the top rope. Cena put up his leg, hitting Triple H in the face. Triple H remained standing in a stunned position for a solid 30 seconds before doing a Ric Flair front face fall (he had a lot of applause for the fall). Bradshaw tried his luck, going to the top rope and attempted some sort of cross body block on Cena, who had just gotten up. Cena catches Bradshaw in mid-air and power slams him. Cena tags in Batista, and both of them start to clear house. Bradshaw and Triple H then whip Cena and Batista to the ropes to attempt a double team type of move, but Batista catches Triple H in the Batista Bomb while Cena catches Bradshaw in the FU. Both deliver their finishing moves, and both Bradshaw and Triple H are pinned. After the match Cena and Batista celebrated. Cena tells Batista to do the Ulimtate Warrior rope shaking before they continue to pose. Afterwards they went around the ring side to shake hands with fans.