As reported, UPN has requested that WWE remove Muhammad Hassan from SmackDown. The WWE writing team has not made an official decision regarding Hassan’s future as a character, but only two suggestions are really getting notice at this point.

One, as noted earlier, would see Undertaker kill the Hassan character off at Great American Bash. Since Hassan was scheduled to defeat Undertaker and wrestle Batista for the World Title at Summerslam, it would be interesting to see how WWE would go about changing plans for this Sunday’s PPV and, consequently, Summerslam.

The other would be to send Hassan back to RAW, so that Hassan could go into a tirade about being censored by SmackDown. The fear associated with moving Hassan to RAW is that the media would continue to express outrage and force Spike TV to also nix the character, at which point, WWE would look foolish. In fact, Spike TV might have already informed WWE that it has no interest in carrying the character, which would force WWE to further investigate the other option.