Recap of Hulk Hogan Friday Afternoon Appearance On The Sports Bash on ESPN Radio by Dave Whitaker.

Hulk Hogan continued his promotional tour for his upcoming reality TV show “Hogan Knows Best” which debuts this Sunday. On Friday afternoon, he was a guest of ESPN Radio’s Sports Bash. He was interviewed by Jason Smith, subbing for Eric Kasilious. BTW: if I’ve missed a detail or two, sorry. I’ve been under the weather.

We hear a version of “Real American” play as the show comes back after the radio SportsCenter, and Jason Smith announces that Hulk Hogan is on the OnStar Hotline. The interview starts with Smith saying it seemed like only yesterday that Hogan had substituted for Bob Backlund who got injured in a car wreck, beat the Iron Sheik at MSG, and started a successful career.

Hogan spent several minutes talking about hearing a baseball player who’d be out due to a strained oblique (heard it during a radio SportsCenter.) He said if someone tried to do that in his business, they’d get laughed at and never work again. He said he hadn’t laughed all day and thanked them for the laugh. Said in 1981, he worked a double shot at the old Philadelphia Spectrum on Sunday afternoon, and at MSG that night with broken fingers. Said at WM18, in the afternoon before his match w/ Rock, he wrestled someone else. Said while he was trying to make a funny face for his son Nicholas, the guy kneed him in the side and broke three of his ribs. Smith talked about how Mean Gene used to use weird descriptions of injured body parts. (I thought that was Gorilla Monsoon who did that?)

How did the reality show come about? Hogan said that his one-hour show last year on VH1 (Hulk Hogan: TV Dad I think?) got the highest-rating for a one-hour show. He said VH1 asked him to do the show. Hogan talked to the family, told them about the lack of privacy, but the kids were all for it. He also said they did it because they’d had trouble getting taction for Brooke’s music career, and they wanted to get her on even footing with other young musicians.

As to what viewers will see on the show: Hogan talked about the guy we all saw asking to date his daughter. Hogan called him arrogant and cocky, that’s why he wouldn’t let him date Brooke, but had Jimmy Hart and Brian Knobbs trail the guy and Brooke to an amusement park. Smith asked what would happen if Paul Orndorff asked to date Brooke. Hogan said that Orndorff was the only guy he didn’t get along with. Said while he and Macho Man Savage had gone back and fourth, he and Orndorff didn’t get along. Said Orndorff wouldn’t talk to him at the WWE Hall Of Fame induction ceremony. Said most guys in wrestling were good guys.

Told a story of how Hogan and wife went off for a romantic weekend. Said after the cameras are there for a while, you forget about them. Hogan and wife had drank a lot of Krystal and were about to get massages. He asked his wife if they were supposed to be naked, she said it was their choice. So Hogan (drunk) took off his bathing suit and did a happy dance. Said VH1 blurred out “King Trytan” (do I have to say what he’s talking about?) Told a story of a family vacation to Key West that went bad. Said they rented a bus and the family yelled at him the whole way. Said the kids wanted to see a Calberie, and while in the audience, Hogan got kissed by a transvestite. Said son Nicholas went crazy, Hogan said he had glitter on his face the next day. Transvestite was described by Hogan as a “20-year old Ric Flair.”

Segment ended with Hogan reminding everyone to watch Hogan Knows Best this Sunday night at 10 p.m. on VH1 as Voodoo Child played in the background. After he was gone, Smith and show technical director Randy Moore said Hogan came across as a nice guy, Smith called him a “big teddy bear.”