In the July/August edition of Sly Magazine, Hulk Hogan offered some candid words on fellow wrestlers The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin:

When asked about the public’s perception that his movies bombed, he said: “Compared to the success that Brad Pitt or Arnold Schwarzenegger have had, people probably thought I had a run of B movies that sucked. But those movies were cheap to make and they generated a lot of revenue. If you watch what my movies made against what The Rock’s movies are doing now, taking into account changing ticket prices and how many more theaters his movies were shown in, I still generated more revenue than he did.”

Regarding Steve Austin, he said: “Austin has been in the business about 18 years and he was on top for four. I wrestled main events for 25 years. I could pull my dick out and I might be on top for four years – it’s called ‘cheap heat.’ Somebody who stays on top 25 years has to have more than that. It has to be in your spirit.”

When asked if there is anybody left he’d like to wrestle, he said: “Steve Austin’s the only one left, but his neck is injured. And we don’t really click, so I don’t know if he and I could do business. But it would be a huge moneymaker if we did. All I care about now is how secure I can leave my family. There’s a difference between having $40 million in the bank and $400 million.”