Hulk Hogan might not be around the WWE ring very often. But, after just one six-man tag, he already sees WWE Champion John Cena as a star.

“After the match with Cena, I told him “Brother, now that I’ve been in the ring with you. Now that I’ve seen how good you are. Now I want to wrestle you, so get ready.” He was totally psyched, he told me it was like a dream come true, but I want to see what he’s made of,” Hulk Hogan told IGN, before calling Cena someone who can “carry the football for 15-20 years.”

As far as Hulk Hogan’s wrestling career, the wrestler does not believe he’s ready to call it quits. He views being able to successfully perform the leg drop with no injury as getting over an important hurdle.

“To drop the leg and for my hip not to break and my back not to be in a million pieces, my whole back is screwed up, but physically, I’ve been training as hard as I can and I think it’s helped a lot that I keep my body tight. I’m 51 years old and I look as good as some of the young guys so I’m just really excited to keep going and see how far I can go with this thing.”