On page 78 of the August edition of Maxim, there is an interview with Hulk Hogan. It is pretty much everything we have heard Hogan say lately such as to the question “What about your daughter, Brooke-what if she wanted to date a wrestler” Hogan’s response is “That’d be my worst nightmare” Although I am not a fan of Hogan at all, I did find it interesting and worth a look. (Thanks to Judd)

Hollymood Entertainment sent word that there are only 200 remaining copies of the ‘101 Reasons Not To Be A Pro Wrestler’ DVD, so to anyone who has been interested in purchasing the DVD now is the time to do so. At the Hollymood Entertainment website you can watch exclusive movie trailers, movie clips and look at the large photo gallery. If you want to order the DVD go to (while supplies still last).

Battle Ground Pro Wrestling will have its debut show this Saturday July 23rd at the Glasshouse in Pomona. Doors open at 7pm, tickets are $10. Stars such as Li’l Cholo, Quicksilver, Scott Lost, Al Katrazz, Joey Ryan, The Human Tornado, Los Luchas, Chris Bosh, Durango Kid are booked for the show and The Hardkore Kidd Aaron Aguilera, formerly known as Jesus, will be in action! The Glasshouse is located at 200 W. Second Street Pomona, California 91766.

Over at features a peace which talks about local residents that are famous. The article has a bit about former WWE ref Earl Hebner, which said, “As the WWE’s senior referee for many moons, Hebner has done us all proud. He’s watched over ladies wrestling in Jello. He’s overseen coffin matches. He’s taken many phantom blows into a turnbuckle. And he’s done it all dressed like a Foot Locker employee.”