Former WWE superstar Luther Reigns was involved in an incident with NODQ s video show (XMV) crew member, at last night s UPW show in Santa Ana last night. Mike Nagel who was the victim of the incident posted the following on his blog:

So I’m filming Luther Reigns doing his promo and I’m standing pretty close to the ring apron, filming and Luther turns to me and says get that camera out of my face…Now I ve been doing this long enough to know that no wrestler is ever going to be stupid enough to actually break an $1800.00 digital video camera…WOW I was wrong! This stupid son of a b*tch full on hit the camera knocking it into my mouth busting the inside of my lip open and knocking one of my teeth loose…I couldn’t believe this and to be honest I was more concerned about the camera than myself…I’ve been hit in the face before, no big deal…but this camera is more important to me and Aaron than anyone else realizes, this is the XMV camera, not a UPW camera…THEE XMV Camera and I was f*cking p*ssed…Pukeboy, Jade, Jeff, and Aaron were all in disbelief over what happened, but I was f*cking p*ssed. I went to the back found Josh and told him what happened, everybody was apologizing and for that I respect UPW, however I do not respect Luther “Horshu” Reigns one bit, he saw me in the back after everything talking with Hawk from Tough Enough 2, Michael Moody, and Rick Bassman, the a**hole didn’t offer an apology, he didn’t come up to me and say sorry or shake my hand, he has no respect…I wonder why WWE FIRED HIS A**.

At the moment the XMV team is waiting for legal advice before they proceed to take further action.