The WWE website continues their JBL-bWo storyline with an interview with The Blue Meanie. He is asked about potential legal action against JBL for the ECW One Night Stand incident. He replied “A lot of people have said I should.” said Meanie. “People in my personal life said I should take legal action. People in the professional world said I should take legal action. I have considered it and am undecided. But Thursday on SmackDown!, my lawyer came in the form of a steal chair to JBL’s ample cranium.” He also added that his month was in tears when she heard what happened to him that night.

The New York Times has a review up of the Hulk Hogan reality series. They don t really hype up the show at all, saying, “There’s just nothing to this new show other than [Hulk Hogan’s] persona, and mostly that’s not quite enough.”

The July 17 autograph signing in Long Island which was originally scheduled to feature Shawn Michaels has now been replace by Kane.