Jim Cornette, who was in charge of the Ohio Valley Wrestling developmental territory along with Danny Davis, was fired by World Wrestling Entertainment. One of the reasons to his release was due to a series of incidents including Cornette slapping an OVW student “ten to fifteen times” after the student, in front of fans, giggled instead of showing fear towards The Boogeyman Marty Wright during an OVW TV taping.

A number of people have said that Cornette seemed extremely burned out in recent months, although none were willing to defend him for raising his hands to the student. One source stated that just last week, after returning from a WWE forced vacation, Cornette snapped and walked out of a taping while claiming he was finished with the company, only to return an hour later.

No names have been speculated to who will be taking over Cornette’s duties. Lance Storm finished his tenure with WWE yesterday and has headed home to Calgary. During Cornette’s “vacation”, Storm, Tommy Dreamer and Al Snow handled the TV end of the territory.

Cornette is considered to be one of the greatest talkers of all time. He has been with World Wrestling Entertainment since the summer of 1993, working at different points as a manager, commentary, and creative team member, prior to settling in as one of the prime instructors in OVW.