As we noted last night , Jim Cornette is reportedly in trouble again with WWE management after Wednesday night s OVW tapings. He apparently slapped OVW student Johnny Geo Basco several times. The student was sitting in the audience, and Cornette felt that he wasn t into the show enough and didn t react to a heel leaving to the back. He apparently laughed during what was supposed to be a serious scary angle. After the show is where he reportedly slapped him multiple times backstage.. The student was said to be a beginner, and not under a WWE developmental deal. The general feeling of those who were there, as Cornette’s actions were witnessed by dozens, was that he was right in yelling at the guy, because he had messed up a major angle, but the slapping couldn’t be defended. This may cost Cornette his WWE job.

The Rock will be appearing at the San Diego Comic Con on Saturday 7/16.

Danny Doring and Roadkill are working in OVW in hopes of getting a WWE deal. They are not signed by the company and are hoping WWE will invite them to sign. Joey Mercury and developmental talent Johnny Jeter did the same thing when they first came in.