On his website, Joey Styles just posted the following regarding the online reports that he would be writing a book about Extreme Championship Wrestling.

“Apparently several wrestling news sites are reporting that I am writing a book on ECW. I have neither the time nor inclination to write a book of any kind, wrestling or otherwise. I have not had time to even read a book since I was blessed enough to become the father of Joey Styles, Junior 🙂 almost two years ago.

I will be interviewed by WWE’s author for their book, THE RISE AND FALL OF ECW and I have been asked for interviews for other unofficial, non-WWE books but will not said interviews without approval from WWE.”

Those who are waiting for the “Collector’s Edition” of the ECW One Night Stand DVD, which would have been packaged inside a slipcase with the Rise and Fall of ECW documentary, there are no more plans for it to be released. It has been cancelled due to Sony feels that the PPV DVD release is selling strongly on its own, negating any need for the collector’s release version.