Partial Source: The Torch

Matt Hardy returned to WWE RAW on Monday as part of a “worked shoot” angle. In addition to attacking Hardy and getting “arrested” for his actions, the WWE wrestler also threw in a plug for Ring Of Honor and some anti-WWE and anti-Johnny Ace comments.

While the fact that Hardy returned to WWE has led to question about the sincerity of his message board posts, sources indicate that the beginning of the story was absolutely true: Lita did have an affair with Edge. Thus, the initial sympathy for Hardy’s position was deserved, although sometime between the initial fallout and Monday’s RAW, Hardy began working his message board visitors.

Matt Hardy officially inked a return deal with WWE a week or two ago; the company began showing serious interest after the Lita-Edge wedding, in which Hardy’s teased entrance video elicited a huge pop from the crowd. McMahon took that as proof that bringing Hardy back into the fold was a worthwhile investment.

In signing with WWE, Hardy turned down a very lucrative offer from TNA. Although the looser contract was appealing, at the end of the day, Hardy opted to go for the company with more exposure and a brighter future. Had TNA announced a deal with Spike TV a few weeks ago, Monday’s return angle might not have happened.

Sources at RAW report that Matt Hardy did not have much of a presence backstage at the show. He simply showed up, worked his angle, and left. If he did communicate with Edge and Lita, it was done in a very private setting.

Matt Hardy will next be seen this Saturday in Ring Of Honor. It is unknown for how long WWE will allow Hardy to work outside dates as part of the “anti-WWE” gimmick.