The WWE Smackdown show in Frederick, Md., began promptly at 7:30pm in the outdoor venue Harry Grove Stadium (home of the class A minor league baseball Frederick Keys).

Booker T beat Christian with the ax kick (Christian seemed to have lost some change in the ring as he bent over and scrutinized the canvas at length so Booker T could deliver the finisher). Then Sharmel encouraged Booker to do the spinarooni!
Then Teddy Long came out to review the purported card that was to include Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey MIsterio, MNM vs. H&H (Holly and Heidenreich or Horrible and Horribler – take your pick), and Batista vs. JBL.

Next match was Super Crazy and Psicosis over Nunzio and Big Vito. Vito looked like a monster with those three in the ring but his clotheslines were loving and delicate. Crazy pinned Nunzio with a Lionsault (Crazysault?).

Then in came The Boogeyman! He ranted some but at the rant’s climax where he exclaimed “I am The Boogeyman!” a huge clap of thunder pealed and lightning flashed in the distance. And when he then yelled “And I am your worst nightmare!” the heavens opened up and it poured. He obliterated Danny Basham in about 15 seconds in the rain.

The real crime is that there were no TV cameras. There are probably few special effects masters who could have provided that eerie thunderstorm atmosphere and timed the thunder and lightning and rain so perfectly. The heck with the match, this guy had perhaps the greatest ring entrance ever! I don’t think I’ll ever be caught in a storm again without “I am The Boogeyman!” bouncing around in my head.
The hard rain created a delay, and persistent lightning forced the show to halt.

It was announced that the event was “postponed”. Fans were to “hold onto your ticket stubs for when we rebook a visit to Frederick, Md.” (I think that’s WWE for “so long suckers, but we won’t tell you you only got a three-match show so we can get out of here without a fight”).
Personally, for The Boogeyman’s awesome entrance arrangement with Mother Nature, the abbreviated show was well worth it. The crowd of maybe 2200 may not agree.