As just about everyone knows (we are still getting emails), Matt Hardy’s run-in last night was scripted and was part of the RAW show. It appears right now that WWE and Hardy had a verbal agreement worked out shortily before his music played on RAW several weeks ago. (likely between June 13th and June 20th). Hardy then wrote commentaries over the past several weeks indicating that he was heading to TNA. He had never signed a deal with TNA but had inked deals with ROH among others. Hardy was also skeptical about taking new bookings to those who would pay over the last several weeks. Hardy will still work the indy dates he’s scheduled for although it is not known if he’ll book new ones.

The website will likely continue the work/shoot angle while Hardy continues to feed the fans the ‘it was a shoot’ side of things. It seemed sketchy when they took Hardy backstage after being handcuffed instead of leading him through the arena and out another exit. It just would have made the entire thing look so much more legit. If Hardy continues to tease the fans, it’ll turn old very quickly. The “It’s really a shoot, it really is” will definitely fade out real quick and the ROH fans sure as heck wont take well to him on Saturday if he cuts an anti-WWE promo and they are ‘smart’ fans.

We’ll keep you posted.