The WWE Velocity show on August 6th will air at 7 PM (ET) due to Spike TV’s coverage of the live UFC Ultimate Fight Night event.

Josh Macias sent this one. … Here is a report on the Matt Hardy meet and greet session today (Saturday, July 23rd) in Modesto, CA. The session was held at Toys “R” Us and I arrived about 10:30 A.M. to get a spot in line inside so I wasn’t stuck out in the 105 degree heat. Matt was scheduled to arrive at 2:00 P.M. and showed up on time (which doesn’t happen often when a wrestler comes here) and was very friendly. There was about 200 people in attendance and Matt took the time to talk to each and every person, and answering any questions anybody had. Of course Edge and Lita were brought up and he remarked that “Adam is a sorry piece of garbage,” saying that he truly meant it. He also said that he and Edge are going to lock up soon and Edge better be prepared for the fight of his life. I asked how he liked Ring of Honor, and he said it was awesome and is looking forward to his next match there. I asked if we will get to see him in a match with Samoa Joe and he said he’d like to have that match before returning full time to WWE. As far as WWE goes, Matt was telling a few people he’d be back very soon as far as full time. Overall Matt was very friendly to everybody and was telling everyone that he truly appreciates their support. Thanks for your time and keep up the great work on the site as us fans truly appreciate the hard work and dedication you guys put in.

Finally speaking of Matt Hardy, in today’s Pittsburgh Post Gazette features a story on Matt Hardy’s WWE situation.