Matt Hardy Calls Byte This; Confronts Lita; She Leaves Show

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Matt Hardy called into's Byte This, "confronting" Lita as to why she left him for Adam Copeland (as he called him on the air). Lita said that she doesn't think she needs to explain why she's with Edge. She told Hardy that one of the reasons she's not with him is that he's been cutting wrestling promos about their personal life.

Lita said that it's not her issue to act out "this breakup in a public way" the way Hardy did. She questioned him rallying his MFers for, "What, I don't know." Hardy responded that it's a public thing because they are public people and she got involved with someone who claimed to be one of his best friends.

"We're on TV, we're worldwide in every country in the world. Considering the power of the Internet, it was going to be out there." said Hardy. Lita said that if Hardy didn't rally the troops and make matter public, things would have been conducted a lot better. She said the situation came out of nowhere, but wasn't her fault. Hardy responded that it would have come out eventually and Hardy didn't want people thinking he was at fault for their breakup.

Hardy then discussed his firing, saying that Johnny Ace called him when he was ready to come back to inform Hardy he was being released because creative has nothing for him. Hardy said that he didn't buy that and questioned it had nothing to do with the Edge-Lita situation. He said that Adam Copeland and Lita were in the wrong with Copeland committing adultery, but he was the one who was fired. He said that Copeland and Dumas should have been sent home, not him.

Lita then asked Hardy why she would want to be with him after "a rant like this." Hardy said that he doesn't want to be with her anymore, but he's a vindicative person. He said he put her in front of his career and said he came to Raw only because he wanted to be with her to make their schedules better, even though "it was a career killer" for him. He said he would get retribution against Lita, Edge, and WWE.

Hardy mentioned that his no compete clause has expired and plugged his shows this weekend, calling Ring of Honor "A real wrestling promotion with no soap opera storylines."

Lita tried to cut Hardy off as he began questioning her about their relationship, "What went wrong with us?" Lita then said she didn't want to talk about it because it was personal, and when he pushed the issue, she removed her mic and walked off the set.

Hardy plugged his websites and said, "See you at Ring of Honor." then ended the show after 27 minutes due to Lita "walking off the show."

Prior to Hardy calling in, Lita addressed the situation saying that she doesn't sign autographs anymore because of the situation. She regretted the way she went about things but she doesn't regret being with Edge because she's in love with him. When asked about Edge being married, Lita said that wasn't a question anyone but Edge could answer and she wasn't going to comment on it because "It's personal.