Greetings my amigos!

It’s been a little while since I’ve really updated everyone on what’s going on in the life of Matt Hardy–so, here we go. First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who has stood by my side through heaven and hell and supported and believed in me. As you all know, I’ve had alot on my mind recently and have spent quite a bit of time thinking about what the future holds for Matt Hardy. I have listened very closely to the opinions of my family and friends, my fans, and the professional wrestling community. To all the people that have chanted “We Want Matt”–your wait is almost over. As of July 11th, this Monday, I am a free man again and can wrestle for whoever I want, when I want. A week from tomorrow, on July 15th, I have my first match back in Indiana, PA, at the Kay arena for the APWF. The day after that, July 16th, it’s the big one–Matt Hardy makes his Ring of Honor debut in Woodbridge, CT. I am very excited about wrestling in front of the diehard, you can’t insult our intelligence ROH fans–they and I are more alike than you would ever believe. Who knows–since Shannon Moore is a free man now, I might even show up with my little MFer on some of my upcoming shots.

Speaking of Shannon, I was disappointed and relieved for him when he was released from the WWE this week. Shannon is a very hard worker, and had reinvented himself, and still no real push or opportunity. Back when Shannon was my Mattitude Follower, he really starting “getting it” from a working and entertainment standpoint. When I left Smackdown for Raw to be with the whore, sorry, Amy, Shannon was given a small opportunity and did well. For no rhyme or reason, it was back to being misused and underutilized (I know what it’s like, that’s the story of Matt Hardy’s life). A couple of years later, Shannon is released after never having a fair shot. Like so many others, he was never given the ball to even have a chance to drop it. I personally loved his new look as “The Prince of Punk”, and I think if used correctly he could have been a huge asset to the cruiserweight division. I’d be willing to bet Shannon could be a huge asset to an X division as well–TNA seems to have a better grasp on how to use smaller, talented wrestlers.

I feel bad for all the guys and girls who were released over the last couple of days. Hey, I know it’s business–but it’s a real sh*tty feeling when you give everything you have to a family that you love and adore, only to realize that THEIR love is conditional. Believe me, I know from experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re pregnant, just got married, or you find out your closest friend is having an affair with your girlfriend and committing adultery, the machine will dispose of you. Bubba and D-Von were quite a surprise, as they are an immensely popular tag team, and could make an IMPACT somewhere. I want to send shout outs to Bubba, D-Von, Shannon, Gangrel, Maven, Kidman, Spike, Akio, Charlie Haas, Jindrak, and Seven–as I consider all these guys friends. There are plenty of things to do out there besides the WWE, and all of these guys and gals will bounce back and be just fine. Please keep all these hardworking men and women in your thoughts and prayers.

The last few months have been the absolute hardest time of my life–but as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. When people f*ck me over, it drives and motivates me to make those people eat their words. I have learned so much through the course of this dark time in my life. Always stand your ground, don’t let people run over you and tell you what you can and can not do. Call things like they are–if you screw up, don’t be a coward and try to hide it, be a man and admit you messed up. As long as you always have good intentions, there’s nothing wrong with making mistakes or making the wrong decision. Matt Hardy calls things like they are–I’ve never been too good at being “politically minded”, but I am good at being honest and truthful. From this point on, Matt Hardy will not die, and no one is going to censor me or control me. Although there is alot of bullsh*t you have to deal with in the professional wrestling business, I wouldn’t trade one moment of my past or future in for anything different. The people who have wronged me will ultimately get what they have coming to them in the end, because you reap what you sow, and karma a bizitch. I want to thank all my family and friends, my MFer’s, the non-MFer wrestling fans, and the boys (all but one) for being so wonderful during the good and the bad throughout all these years. I got nothing but love for you all–I just ask for everyone to stick with me, the Movement is about to begin…

Matt Hardy
The Angelic Diablo