Hulk Hogan will appear on CNN’s Larry King Live tomorrow at 9EST to promote Summerslam and his reality show.

Matt Morgan recently stated the following on his website about the bullies backstage in WWE: “There are no bullies “backstage” in WWE. Threre are those that protect our business more so than others, and righfully so as this business is a privelidge to be a part of. As far as Hardcore Holly and JBL, they have done nothing but help me grow thicker skin and help me improve my in ring ability and get me closer to reaching my potential. I owe those two for such help and others can learn from them as well. Hardcore Holly is one of if not the best athlete and is the most dedicated guy on the WWE’s roster to helping younger talent improve and giving his opinion to you. I was lucky enough to be on the road and watch JBL and how a “heel” is supposed to be. He is a “heel’s heel”. There is no one on either roster who does there job better in being a heel than JBL. I learned alot from him. There are others like Undertaker and Kane as well who I grew up watching and idoling who specifically would help me as a big man understand this business and for that I am grateful. If someone has ever “gotten bullied” it is because they let themselves get bullied!! All egos get checked at the door in this business or at least should be.” He also noted that he was very surprised to see The Dudley’s and Maven get their releases.