It appears as though it was UPN’s decision to air the SmackDown! segment last night. WWE sent the feed early Thursday morning and UPN made the call to put the disclaimer on the bottom. The U.K version of SmackDown!, which airs tonight, will be heavily edited. has actually added video footage of the Hassan-Taker segment from the show which shows they could honestly care less about the London attacks.

It appears right now that WWE wants to make an annual event out of the ECW PPV. If the PPV had done over 500,000 buys, it may have been a different story. The word we are getting on the buyrate is about 275,000.

For those who have asked, the releases the last several days are not a work. Many had questioned why the released stars were doing interviews with and the only logical explanation would be that they are trying to stay on WWE’s good side and don’t want to ‘trash’ the company in hopes of a return in the future. Would you do an interview with your former employer after they just fired you?