HollymoodEntertainment.com have released a new trailer for the 101 Reasons Not To Be A Pro Wrestler DVD. The new trailer is about the downfall of the industry and the monopoly of the wrestling business. All wrestling fans should definitely watch the new trailer and enjoy the free footage.

101 Reasons Not to be a Pro Wrestler is the most controversial pro wrestling documentary since Beyond the Mat. Pro wrestlers have never before so freely spoken their minds until now about subjects such as drug abuse, forming a union, Vince McMahon, the downfall of the wrestling industry and so much more. The DVD movie stars wrestlers such as New Jack, Vampiro, Diamond Dallas Page, Tylene Buck, Predator from Zero-One and MMA fame, Joanie Laurer, Psicosis, Nozawa, Babi Slymm, Sean O’ Hare, Fatu, Konnan and more.

101 Reasons not to be a Pro Wrestler is a 3 hour documentary and the DVD contains nearly 2 hours of bonus footage features. Also included in the 101 Reasons not to be a Pro Wrestler DVD movie is a never before released New Jack match that pits him against a 72 year old wrestling veteran that nearly breaks out into a full scale riot when New Jack legitimately attacks the old man with a chain, chairs and a metal baseball bat covered in barbed wire. The footage is insane!

There are currently no plans for the DVD to be released in stores; it is exclusive to Hollymood Entertainment and only available directly from Hollymood Entertainment.

The DVD is not region coded so it will play in any DVD player, anywhere in the world. If you have questions about purchasing the DVD, please e-mail Hollymood Entertainment at [email protected]