The following is a report from AICN & Comic Con with the Rock & his upcoming movie Doom.

-The Rock liked the character of Sarge better because he could explore his “darker side” and because his character “has a great twist at the end.”

-Karl Urban is the main character, not The Rock, who plays Sarge. The Rock liked that character better.

-Karl and The Rock both played the original DOOM as well as its sequels, especially DOOM 3.

-The Rock on the film: “It’s unapologetic as hell, faithful and gory.”

-The Demons and Monsters are based off of the creatures in DOOM 3.

-They recreated sets directly from the game, like corridors and labs and even made the computer screens in the movie have the same style as what’s on the computer screens in the game.

-Why The Rock wanted to do the DOOM movie: “I realized I could shoot the BFG.”