Known for having the best legs in showbiz, stunning WWE star Stacy Keibler has become the hottest pro wrestler since The Rock … and she ain’t bad to look at, either.

Born October 14th, 1979, in Baltimore, Maryland, Keibler naturally gravitated toward physical activity, such as dance, from childhood. From the age of three, Stacy was involved in ballet, tap, and jazz dance, her parents making a commitment to go as far as Stacy’s talents would take her.

Keibler’s taste for the spotlight soon spurred an interest in modeling and acting. With her drop-dead looks, it wasn’t hard to land modeling gigs, eventually making it as a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader before entering the world of wrestling.

Keibler got her start in wrestling with the now-defunct WCW after winning the Nitro Girl Search in late 1999. After WCW folded, it looked like the leggy Keibler was going to head back to school. But surprisingly, Stacy showed up on the WWE’s Smackdown! as the assistant to Vince McMahon. The rest is WWE body slam history!

Chaunce Hayden: So what is it like having the world’s sexiest legs?

Stacy Keibler: (Laughs) I’m very blessed! Because God didn’t bless me with too much up top. But he gave me an ass and legs! And you can always go buy a nose. So I’m very blessed.

Is it better to have great legs over great breasts?

Well, I can go out tomorrow and buy boobs if I want to. But you can’t go out and buy legs. So I think it’s better to have great legs! I get compliments on my legs all the time. I have so many girls who come up to me and say, “God, I wish I had your legs!” I’m just pretty lucky when it comes to that.

When did you first realize you have special legs?

My mom told me I came out as a very long baby. I was really, really long. So I’ve always had long legs and I was always really skinny. I was a dancer since I was three. In ballet class, I was always the tallest one with the longest legs.

A lot of beautiful women will say that beauty can sometimes be a curse. But not you. You actually love being smoking hot.

(Laughs) Why do you say that?

You just seem to enjoy it.

Well, I don’t take myself too seriously. I really don’t think of myself that way. I don’t think of myself as someone who’s so beautiful. Because I’ve had people tell me before that I’m a nerd stuck in a hot girl’s body. I’m just a free spirit who likes to go with the flow. I don’t take anything too seriously. I’m not one of those girls who just worries about how she looks.

Can you feel guys looking at you from behind?

Sometimes. Yes! It’s kind of interesting to me. But I can’t say that I don’t stare at a hot guy who walks by either.

Do you ever get used to being stared at?

Not really. It’s actually always very flattering to have someone stare at you. Unless it starts to get a little weird.

You used to be a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader. Is it true that the players aren’t allowed to date the cheerleaders?

Yes! In our contract there was a no fraternization clause. But there are many football players and many cheerleaders that just don’t care. When I was with the Ravens, I knew girls who actually got fired for fraternizing with the players.

What happened to the players?

Nothing happens to the players! Of course not! But they get rid of these measly little cheerleaders that aren’t making any money. Those are the ones they fire! (Laughs)

I bet there are other cheerleaders who rat out the lucky ones who get hit on by the superstar players.

I bet you that probably happens. I wasn’t a part of any of that and I never dated any of the players, but I’m positive that goes on.


Because girls are the worst! Except me! I tend to be more like the guys. I have a lot of male friends and I really value my relationships with them because they’re not as catty. You don’t get all the backstabbing with guys like you do with girls.

Did you ever have a player hit on you and consider going for it just for a second?

I had a boyfriend during the time I was a cheerleader. I became friends with a few of the players, but it never went any further than that. So my excuse right away was, “Oh, I have a boyfriend.” So I never had to worry about any of that.

During the games, do you actually watch to see who’s winning?

Okay, this is hilarious! I danced my whole life, and my dad really wanted me to try out for the Raven’s cheerleading team. But I didn’t want to do it. I was eighteen and I didn’t want to spend my weekdays practicing. But I went on the audition anyway just to make my dad happy. Although I knew in the back of my mind I was never going to get the job because I didn’t know anything about football. So I ended up going and there were hundreds of girls who were trying out. That’s when I thought it would be pretty cool to be only one of twenty girls selected. Long story short, I ended up making the team. But during that first year, I had no idea what was happening on the field. All I would do was turn around when all the other girls would turn around and cheer. Sometimes I would cheer when I wasn’t supposed to cheer. But during the next summer I learned all about football, and when I went back and cheered the second season I enjoyed and loved the game so much I didn’t want to dance anymore! I wanted to keep watching what was going on in the field in front of me. That’s when I won the Nitro Girl contest, which is how I got into wrestling, I also won ten grand and I used the money to buy Ravens season tickets, which I still have. I love the Ravens!

Speaking of wrestling, it’s a big segue from model and cheerleader to professional wrestler.

Yeah, I know! I saw an ad for the Nitro Girls, who at the time were like the Fly Girls from Living Color. They were the dancers during WCW’s commercial breaks. So I tried out and kept winning competition after competition. They ended up narrowing it down me and another girl. I ended up getting the most fan votes on television and was soon asked to sign a contract with WCW. I was nineteen years old and my life changed in the blink of an eye. I have been traveling and have been on TV ever since.

Vince McMahon bought out WCW but decided to keep you on with the WWE. Did that surprise you?

When Vince bought out WCW, they called me right away and said that there were going to be changes made, but that I was fine and not to worry about anything. I’ve had a blast ever since! We’re aired in over a hundred different countries! A few months ago we did Wrestlemania in L.A. for a week, then we went to Australia and did three sold-out shows, then we went to England and sold out all the shows over there, and then we went on a trip to Japan! It’s just crazy! But it’s been such a blast. I’m young and getting to see the world!

It’s amazing how huge wresting is, and how it just continues to get bigger and bigger.

It really is amazing. Our fans are like cult-following fans! I love them! They’re so great!

What is it about catfights that turns guys on?

I don’t know. I think they’re funny! But I guess that’s because I’m a girl. But I think two girls rolling around pulling each other’s hair is a turn-on. Why? I don’t know. But I’m not a man.

The WWE storylines are pretty racy, to say the least. A lot of kids watch it. With that in mind, do you think sometimes the WWE content may be too adult for children?

I’ve been asked to do Playboy twice, but I’ve said no. It’s just not something I want to do with my career. But also, we have such young fans. I know that our demographic is a big range of people. We have fans of all ages. As far as the storylines … that’s a tough question. I get asked that all the time, and I never really have a good answer. We do have such a big audience, so we do have to have a little bit of everything for everyone. I think it all boils down to the parents knowing what our product is and what it has to offer, and what the potential story lines could be. I mean, it’s live. So our fans don’t know what they’re going to get when they watch the show on Monday night. I guess it depends on the parents and what they want their children to see and be exposed to.

If you were a mom, would you allow your 10-year-old child to watch the WWE?

Umm … I think it depends on the maturity of the child. I think there are definitely some things on the WWE that I would not want my 10-year-old to be watching. But then I think if my child could handle it and he knew it was just a television show and that he can’t go beating up his classmates or hitting his sister with a chair, I would allow it. It all depends on the maturity of the child.

Does Vince McMahon come up with all the storylines himself?

Vince is so hands-on. People wouldn’t believe it. He’s a genius and such a great businessman with his product. We have writers and producers and a long chain of command. But as far as the storyline goes, whether I pitch an idea or a writer pitches an idea, collectively everything has to be approved by Vince. He’s also at every TV show. He’s our boss and he’s always there. He’s just so hands-on, which is great. If I ever have a question about anything, I can go straight to his office at the arena. He’s not like this Wizard of Oz guy behind a curtain that you can never get a hold of.

What’s the biggest misconception about Vince? I remember when he nearly tore the head off Bob Costas during an HBO interview. Was that the real Vince?

I think Vince takes the WWE very seriously. This is his life. It was handed down from his father and his father’s father. So they’re all so passionate about it. When it comes down to someone asking him if wrestling is fake, just … (Long pause) In this day and age, the WWE is just entertainment. There are a lot of things about the business that are more entertainment-orientated now than there were many years ago. But he’s just so passionate and so devoted to everything.

Have you ever told him no when he’s asked you to do something you thought was inappropriate?

They asked me to do Playboy twice and I said no.

Vince asked you?

Yeah. But I said no.

Did Vince get angry?

No, because it’s a personal decision. I was very flattered that they offered it to me. But it’s just not something that I want to do. I have nothing against the magazine or anyone who does it. My roommate is Torrie Wilson, and she’s done it two or three times now, and I’m happy for her. But as far as TV goes, there’s not too much they’ve asked me to do that I’ve said no to. They know who I am and what I like to do. There’s plenty of other girls who will do the other stuff.

How much did Playboy offer you?

They throw around some big numbers. It was a lot of money to turn down, but I feel that if I’m supposed to have that money, I’ll get it another way.

So once you go nude, there’s no coming back.

Yeah. I thought about it and I just don’t think I need to give everybody everything. It’s easier when you let them just use their imagination.

I give you credit for turning down the money.

It was hard! I almost cried over it!

The Rock or Triple H. Who would you rather pin to the mat?

Oh, the Rock! He’s a great guy! I love him.

Rumor has it that in real life you dated Ric Flair’s son, David.

I did. Years ago. It was the beginning of the WCW days.

Rumor has it that you’re currently dating Test.

Not currently. No. I don’t have a boyfriend right now. But yes, we were dating.

So you dated two wrestlers?

Yes. I did! Our lives are so different. We’re kind of like a traveling circus. We’re together so much. We do shows Friday, Saturday, and Sunday that are not televised. Then Monday we do the live show. So I’m with these people four days out of the week. A lot of people don’t know that on Fridays when we fly into a city, we have to pay for our own hotels and our own rental cars and we have to get ourselves from town to town. They could be 300 miles away from each other. We are really like a family. I spend more time with these people than I do with my friends and family.

It must be like one big soap opera.

Well, with my luck, both the guys I was dating were let go after we broke up! So I never had to deal with that! I’m like the kiss of death!

So it would be a big mistake for a wrestler who has any hope of a bright future with the WWE to date you?

I know! It sounds that way. I’m serious, and I almost want to swear to it that I will no longer be dating any more wrestlers!

You also did a Call 1-800-AT&T commercial with Carrot Top. Personally, he creeps me out.

(Laughs) He was so nice! He was great. That was the first commercial that I did through the WWE. I really had fun with him. He was very nice to me.

And you starred in the movie “Bubble Boy.”

I did! And I just got a part in “Big Momma’s House 2.” I moved out to Los Angeles a year ago. I’m going to acting school now and I’m really focused on my career. I feel like everybody who’s in this business needs another plan, just in case you get hurt. Things happen. So acting is my other thing to keep myself occupied. Plus, it can only help me on TV since I’m out there in front of 20,000 people. It’s like a whole new world for me.

The Rock made the move from pro wrestling to film without much trouble. Do you think you’ll have any trouble being taken seriously by Hollywood?

I think if we do an interview in another year I’ll be able to answer that question better. I really haven’t gone on that many auditions yet. Know what I mean?

Will we ever see your life story on “E!s True Hollywood Stories”?

(Laughs) If they do, I hope it’s not a really bad one. Usually everyone gets involved in drugs and their lives fall to pieces! So far I’ve been very blessed and very lucky. My parents have kept me very grounded.

The article also features photos of Stacy in tight jeans and some cheerleading pics from her college years.