Thanks to Michael Manzano for this:

I just wanted to tell you about Rob Van Dam, and his appearance at the San Diego Comic Convention yesterday.

RVD set up shop at a booth right next to plenty of independent comic vendors. Rather than setting up shop in the heavy trafficked autograph area, he was on the main floor. He was promoting not only himself, but representing his Five Star Comics store in Lomita, CA.

The man himself was in full meet-and-greet mode, selling autographs, taking photos, and talking to nearly everyone that noticed him. The line was not overwhelming in the slightest, with only 10 or 15 people in line at the time. He was very down to earth and personable with every fan that came to see him.

I jumped at the opportunity for a photo with him. And, it was one of the nicest encounters I have ever had with a professional wrestler.

Even before I said a word to him, or even told him my name, he extended his hand out to me to shake mine. I told him I purchased a Polaroid with him, and he enthusiastically smiled, “alright! come on over!”

He broke out the ECW World Television Championship belt, and had me take the shot wearing it. I was reluctant, telling him that I didn’t deserve to even touch it considering the prestige behind it. But, he insisted I wear it in the photo. Talk about friendly!

In addition, he was one of the funniest guys I have ever spoken to. He had all sorts of jokes, and had every fan leaving glad to have spent a moment with him.

When I left, I thanked him for pitching ECW One Night Stand to Vince McMahon. He humbly replied, “No, thank YOU for giving us a reason to do it.”

When he was done signing, I would see RVD around the convention, chilling out as if he was just any other guy. And every time, I noticed him talking to a fan. He is one of the most accessible and friendly wrestlers I have ever seen. I don’t think he ever got tired of talking to his fans.

At the booth, they were flyering for Five Star Comics 2nd Anniversary, which will include a meet and greet with Matt Hardy. After this wonderful encounter with it’s owner, you can bet I will be there. (It’s walking distance from where I live!)