Hulk Hogan and family were interviewed by Athens, GA radio station Rock 103.7 on Thursday morning to promote “Hogan Knows Best”. Local radio DJ and wrestling personality Nigel Sherrod asked Hogan to respond to Shawn Michaels comments that “broke the script” on Monday’s RAW. Hogan responded bringing up Michael’s faith and speaking on his jealousy.

In today’s Reuters features a story explaining how WWE will be releasing DVDs in Universal Media Disc, the proprietary technology that works on Sony’s handheld PlayStation Portable. WWE are scheduled to release three UMD titles by September 27, “Hard Knocks: The Christ Benoit Story,” “The Monday Night War” and “The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior.”

Today’s Battle Creek (MI) Enquirer features an article on Rob Van Dam coming home for an appearance at a local mall.

Scott sent this report of Rob Van Dam’s autograph signing yesterday. … I went to the RVD signing in Battle Creek, MI and thought I would let everyone know how that went. My brother and I got there early and unfortunately, Rob was 2 hours late. It did not really matter though because when he got there, he was cool to talk to and take pictures with. He said he would be back in the ring in a couple of months and he looked good, walking without crutches. Since it was his hometown, he was telling us a couple of local stories from when he was younger. He was pretty funny. He did mention he is writing a new book but that it would be written in the form of a person and not in a form of a wrestler.