WWE Smackdown! Tapings
Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
DCU Center * Worcester, MA

Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten def. Shane Twins “ECW” got a great ovation but the match wasn’t very crisp


“The Future” Frankie Kazarian def. Nunzio. After the win, Kazarian got some mic time, saying he is the future “and the future is bright.”

Simon Dean def. Mike Kruel. After the match, Dean shoved a protein bar down Kruel’s throat.


In the middle of the Velocity taping, the set changed to the Smackdown images for a promo with Muhammad Hassan and Khosrow Daivari. Hassan said he’s the last true American hero but is labled a terrorist. Daivari spoke in Arabic about The Undertaker.

Back to Velocity:

Chris Benoit def. William Regal via submission. Benoit used a tombstone piledriver followed by the crossface for the win. I don’t know about “sports entertainment,” but this was one of the better pro wrestling matches WWE has offered in awhile, including some good color from Regal. Worth going out of your way to see if you don’t normally watch Velocity.


Smackdown opened with Eddie Guerrero cutting a promo about how Rey Mysterio wasn’t at the building tonight. He said it was time for a bed time story for Dominic and he was going to expose the secret. Guerrero’s wife Vicki and their two daughters came to ringside before he could reveal what the secret is. Eddie forcefully grabbed his wife and walked her to the back. Coming back from commercial break, Guerrero was walking his family to the car as his wife pleaded with him not to hurt Mysterio and his family. They walked by a host of independent wrestlers from New England including Todd Hanson and “Slyk” Wagner Brown. As Eddie was screaming at his wife, Hardcore Holly tried to calm him down, then his wife slapped him across his mouth.

The Mexicools def. Paul London & Scotty Too Hotty & Funaki. Juvy pinned Paul London following a 450 splash where Juvy appeared to land on London’s face. The taping was delayed for a few minutes while the medical staff came out to check on London, but he made it to the back on his own.

Back from break, a camera was on Candice Michelle looking in the mirror for no apparent reason. Christian came up to her and talked about wanting to be her friend and how the younger wrestlers of Smackdown are coming to him for advice on how to be a superstar. Booker T and Sharmell were walking by and started laughing at him, setting up a match for later on.

Josh Matthews interviewed Batista backstage about his match with JBL at Great American Bash.

Melina was upset about Torrie being on the cover of the new Smackdown magazine and ripped it out of her hands. She said Torrie is old and washed up. Torrie challenged her to a bra and panties match.

Heidenreich was coming out to the ring for a match and was attacked from behind by MNM. While they were double teaming him, Road Warrior Animal’s music and entrance video hit and he cleaned house. MNM ran into the crowd and Mercury challenged the Road Warriors to a tag team title match at Great American Bash. Nitro interrupted and said they couldn’t because Hawk was dead. Instead, Animal offered to let Heidenreich be his friend at the Bash and the match was made while the crowd was disgusted by the remark about Hawk.

Eddie Guerrero def. Hardcore Holly via submission. Guerrero got the win using the Texas Cloverleaf after using a black club from under the ring on Holly while the ref had something in his eye. After the match, Guerrero challenged Mysterio to a match at the Bash where if Guerrero won, he would tell the world the secret, if he lost, he would keep it locked away forever.

Muhammad Hassan’s attorney Thomas Whittman came to the ring and announced that Hassan is taking a leave of absence from WWE and would not appear on Smackdown again until he defeats the Undertaker on a pay-per-view. He said a match had already been signed for Undertaker-Hassan at the Bash. Undertaker came out to chokeslam and tombstone the lawyer in a segment that got over pretty good with the live crowd.

Christian def. Booker T. Christian jumped both Booker and Sharmell on their way to the ring. Christian tossed him into the ring steps and gave him the unprettier for the pin in an extremely quick match.

The Great American Bash line-up was reviewed:

*Batista vs JBL for the World Championship
*Undertaker vs Muhammad Hassan
*Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio in a Secret Match
*Chris Benoit vs Orlando Jordan for the US Title
*MNM vs Road Warrior Animal & Heidenreich for the Tag Team Titles
*Booker T vs Christian
*Torrie Wilson vs Melina in a Bra & Panties Match.

CHAMPION VS CHAMPION – Batista def. Orlando Jordan. JBL cut a promo before the match about the Blue Meanie and how Batista wouldn’t wrestle him at WrestleMania XXI earlier in the year when he had a chance. He had the camera zoom in on the stiches on his face and the staples on his head from last week. JBL interfered constantly during the match, leading to a ref bump where JBL clocked Batista with a chair. JBL rolled Jordan on top but only got a two count. Batista recovered and hit the Batista Bomb for the win. JBL laid out Batista again post match.

John Cena & Batista def. Triple H & JBL. After the Smackdown taping ended, Triple H hit the ring for a two on one attack leading to a wild reaction when John Cena’s music played. Triple H and JBL worked Batista over most of the match until he made the hot tag to Cena, leading to a FU on Triple H and Batista Bomb on JBL for the double pin.