Source: Newsletter

– Because Rhino has a good relationship with Scott D’Amore, it’s expected he’ll get the best possible opportunity to serve as a feature performer with TNA. Many believe this is Rhino’s first chance to shine since his ECW title reign.

– Shawn Daivari uses the name “Khosrow” as a tribute to his father, not because it’s the real first name of the Iron Shiek. As has been reported in the past, Daivari’s father owns two award-winning pizza restaurants in Minneapolis called “Leaning Tower Of Pizza.”

– Shane McMahon was present backstage for the July 11 WWE RAW. McMahon typically only shows up for post-PPV RAWs and tapings that take place in New York City.

– has already begun pushing Rob Conway as a singles performer, as noted in an update last week. Rob Conway has long been viewed as a hot prospect by WWE management, so he will definitely get a fair shake on WWE television.