Jeff Mrozek of The Edge, 103.5/103.9 FM out of Albany, New York did an interview with Shelton Benjamin Friday evening to promote the RAW 6th house show in Albany at the Pspsi Arena.

Mrozek introduced Shelton s the former IC champion and he said he was at the Mall of America with a buddy. He said it was in Minneapolis, MN, which was about 10 minutes from where he lived. Shelton said the mall has everything you could ever want.

Mrozek says Shelton will be facing Carlito for the IC title at the house show. Shelton says that is correct and he’ll kick his ass all over. Mrozek says he hasn’t watched wrestling in a long time and remembers the last guy who held the IC title was Don Muraco. Shelton says he knows the name and claims Jeff is way out of the loop. Jeff says the last time he watched, an old lady (Mae Young) gave birth to a hand. (Mark Henry angle). Shelton remembers and says it was one of the most ridiculous things that has ever been on national TV but anything can and will happen in WWE.

Mrozek says the headline main event is Edge vs. John Cena. Shelton says Edge has his money in the bank shot and says it should be a great match. Jeff says he likes the women also and claims some of the RAW diva search girls would be there as well ass Stacy Keibleer, Victoria, and Christy Hemme. Shelton says there hot and always nice to look at.

The interview closes with Mrozek plugging the on sale which is tomorrow at 10AM on or at the Pepsi Arena box office. Shelton says that Saturday, August 6th, ‘a little Puerto Rican will get his ass kicked”. Shelton says “Albany, bring the kids, family, all your friends and come on out and have a good time. We’ll put on a hell of a show for you guys”

Good interview, Shelton came off as a real cool guy.