Partial Source: The Torch

Paul Heyman’s first script for OVW television was for the show that was taped this past Wednesday on July 13. Heyman’s script contained more pre-taped segments than Jim Cornette ever wrote, with some feeling that it was better for OVW workers to get that type of experience since it parallels what they will face if they get called up to WWE. Heyman was scheduled to attend the tapings and work closely with talent behind the scenes. It still remains to be seen if he will write himself into an on-air role. Although there was some strong talk about Heyman completely leaving WWE later this year when his deal runs up, he has been offered this postion in OVW for the forseeable future and many earn a contract renewal through it.

There was also a lot of talk about Jim Cornette’s actions at the OVW tapings last week when he slapped a student and was then released by WWE soon afterwards. One defender of Cornette felt his firing was completely fair given the circumstances. “His actions were uncalled for,” added the source. “He’s always had a well-earned reputation for having a temper, but it’s gotten progressively worse. Everyone was taken aback.” It should be noted that the student Cornette slapped, who was believed to have been Johnny Geo Basco, does have a shoot-fighting background and could have easily responded to Cornette’s attack, but didn’t feel the need to retaliate.