JBL is scheduled for an autograph session on Wednesday July 20th, from 1 to 4pm, at The Sports Authority store in West Long Branch, NJ. The store is located at 310 State Highway 36 in the Home Depot/Consumer Center.

WWE Champion Batista will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Hassan in London, Ontario on Saturday, August 13th.

WWE Stocks closed the day at 11.63, which is a 1.44% decrease over yesterday’s closing. The day’s range was 11.51 – 11.95.

I was just watching MTV, and an advertisement ran for that 70’s house. The people in the house have to play dodge ball against another team whom they don t know. They than showed a group of mostly SmackDown guy walk out. I caught Booker-T, Bob Holly, Mark Jindrak, and Charlie Hass. I don t know if there were anymore because the commercial ran by so fast. (Thanks to Pibb)

The Rock is 2005 spokesman for The Will Rogers Institute.