Tracy Smothers posted the following message about John Bradshaw Layfield on his official website,

Everywhere I go I am asked about the JBL incident and what do I think of Meanie and the BWO with their appearance on Smackdown. I think that it’s great that Meanie got a job out of the whole situation. He’s a great character with a lot of charisma. As is the whole BWO gimmick. It’s very marketable and just down right hilarious. And if you ever stood in the ring when they hit their music they are tremendously over with the people. I wish them well.

As for me and JBL, I agree with what several internet journalists have said. There will be nothing that will come of it in a WWE ring because the WWE and JBL have nothing to gain and a lot to lose. With me I have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Because on paper I’m no match for JBL because he is bigger, stronger, several inches taller and several years younger. People who have seen him fight, including myself, know that he is one tough guy that doesn’t care what people think of him because his gimmick is a shoot.

He’s on top and rightfully so. Not only do the fans hate him but all the boys and promoter at all the indy shows don’t like him either . I don’t like how he sucker punched Meanie in the back of the head knowing that he had staples in his head, and then punched him several other times.

When I made the statements I made it was because I heard through the grapevine, from a reliable source, that I took advantage of him when he was being held. This is true, I did. But what he did was the most cowardly thing that I’ve seen in 22 years in our great business. The promoters at the shows in Alcoa and Kingsport asked me to do an interview and to come from the heart and that’s what I did. Since then it has helped me very much on merchandise sales and bookings to try and get back in the mix of or business.

What people don’t know about me is this: when I say what I say about JBL it comes from the heart. It’s not about exposure. It’s not about making money. Because believe me no one knows better than me that at my age it’s not a good business decision to hire someone like me.

Here’s a little food for thought, JBL I don’t need an audience or cameras to fight you. I think you’re a pompas arrogant piss ant punk that has no respect for this business or the people in it. So look over your shoulder everywhere you go because you never know where I will turn up. If you don’t like what I am saying you can check my calendar and come see me. All I can say to you is bring a bunch of doughnuts and make sure they are heated. because I think you are a punk ass b—h (Big b—h Bradshaw). Like I said before I’m challenging you to a fight anytime, any place, anywhere. I’m open for business and business is good!