Thanks to Julian Zelones for the following:
Just to let you know that here in Australia, the Undertaker attack angle was edited off SmackDown this week. The show airs here on Friday afternoons only a couple of hours after it has aired in the US.

Thanks to Matt Marolf for the following:
John Cena vs. Edge for the WWE Title is being advertised for the August 2 Raw house show in Albany, NY.

Thanks to Adam Lunau for the following:
I just wanted to pass along that I was watching CNN Headline News tonight and they had a bit on Hulk Hogan. It wasn’t long and mostly focused on his new TV show but there was one mention of WWE RAW. Hogan did say that Shawn Michaels, “my best friend” (as Hogan put it), recently turned on him and that he is training for SummerSlam. I think we all thought that’s where it was going but there you have it out of Hogan’s mouth.

Thanks to Renn for the following:
I did some searching on and found that they had finally added John Cena’s music video, Bad Bad Man, to the site. In news that I am sure will make the WWE pleased, Cena’s video is in their top 200 rap videos, placing 31st this week, rising from 125 last week. That is not a misprint. Cena’s video didn’t place in their Top 100 videos in general.