Partial Source: PWInsider

As we noted yesterday, UPN informed WWE that they did not want the Hassan character on SmackDown! due to all the negative publicity in news outlets with the recent London terrorist attack. Vince McMahon was said to have been less than happy about the situation. Read the Smackdown! spoilers for more on when he’ll return.

The TV Guide website picked up the AP story about the angle yesterday and titled it “LOW BLOW”.

On the MSNBC show “The situation with Tucker Carlson”, the host brought up the topic for a few seconds. He was debating it with Max Kellerman. Max said he did not like the segment at all and that it trivialized the situation. The only wrestler name mention in the ultra short segment was Nikolai Volkoff. Tucker said Max won him over with his argument.

The William Regal vs. Chris Benoit match taped for Velocity this week is supposed to be an excellent match.