Thanks to Mike Johnson and Buck Woodward of for these:

Dark Match:

Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney defeated Johnny Candido (brother of Chris Candido) & Damian Adams. Balls had a Titantron video for the entrance of himself and Axl. Balls & Axl were announced from “Hostile City, USA” and got big “ECW” chants from the crowd. Balls pinned Adams with the Nutcracker Suite after a good match that the crowd was into. Lots more ECW chants after the match.

Sunday Night Heat:

– Viscera, Rosey & Hurricane defeated The Heart Throbs & Tyson Tomko. Viscera did a double hump on the Heart Throbs, leading to the Heart Throbs walking out. Viscera then pinned Tomko for the win.

– Victoria defeated Talia (who has worked for 3PW, JAPW, WXW, and other independents). Victoria cut a promo before the match saying that she was going to show the world why she deserves the spotlight, not Christy Hemme. Talia hit a flying bodypress for a two count before Victoria hit the Widow’s Peak for the win.

– Rob Conway defeated Mo Sexay (who has worked for WXW). Conway wrestled while wearing sunglasses, and has adopted a Buff Bagwell-style gimmick and look. Conway won the match by draping Sexay on the ropes and then dropping him with a neckbreaker.

– Rene Dupree defeated Val Venis. Dupree received a “Where is Fifi?” chant as the match began. Not a good match. Val scored a two count after an atomic drop and a full nelson slam. Val missed the Money Shot (top rope splash), and Dupree used the Cobra Clutch for a submission win.

– After the Heat matches, there was another “ECW” chant from the crowd. T-Shirts were shot into the crowd, and a Wrestlemania 21 music video was shown on the Titantron.