Dave Martin sent this report.

-The HSBC Arena was pretty much filled up. Only a few section were tarped off and just the back rows of some floor seats were empty. It was a good full crowd.

-The Mexicools showing up in the lobby (I was there watching Heat) was awesome. It really pumped the crowd.

-The opening fireworks were amazing. The lit up the entire place and were very well presented. (Vince should be proud of himself)

-The dark match, Paul London & Nunzio was well received. The kick that Paul did to the back of Nunzios’s head echoed throughout the arena.

-The comment that Animal made of Hawk “this one is for you”, brought the house done!

-Nobody cared about Orlando Jordan. Chris Benoit got a huge pop & a standing ovation at the end of his match, but no one cared for Orlando. Vince what gives?

-The Eddie and Ray match was outstanding.

-Batista’s pop was amazing. I haven’t heard a crowd that loud since the days of Hulk & Stone Cold. He was way over with the crowd. People were not happy with the finish at all. Everyone knew that there would be a run in but we were hoping for either Randy Orton or Brock Lesnar. For a Pay Per View (our city’s first in 5 years) the ending was disappointing.

-Tons of Cena’s “The champ is here” shirts were selling great along with any Batista shirt. (I think the days of HHH being top dog are coming to an end)

Biggest Pops:

-Undertaker entrance & when he put Hassan through the stage.
-Chris Benoit- his standing ovation had to make him feel good
-Animal with Hawk, this one is for you

Biggest Heat:

-JBL-and not in a good way. In a X-Pac way
-Orlando Jordan- see JBL, but double it.
-Eddie when he went near Dominic


-I saw Teddy Long outside afterwards and asked him where he was. His comment was… “I was backstage taking care of business” Couldn’t he at least made an appearance on stage?

-Nunzio entertained the crowd outside with a few jokes.

-Candice was VERY friendly and posed for pictures & talked with the fans. Diva wannabees, take note!

-Chris Benoit was having car trouble, but he waved to the fans.

-Batista grabbed the iron fence outside and did his warrior rope shake with it. BTW: he must not know his own strength. He tore part of it up and made it very loose in doing so. He is one strong man to do that.

Hopefully we can get another PPV soon or at least another Raw to make up for the shoddy ending.

Mike Rickard II sent this report.

Not a lot of extracurricular activities to report from the Bash.

Some quick notes from the Great American Bash.

A lot of people here. I’d estimate 8,000 to 10,000 fans. There was a decent number of fans in the upper decks as well.

Lots of cheers for Christian. There was a surprising number of boos for Booker T as well (mostly from Christian supporters).

After the main event, the announcer thanked the fans as JBL and Orlando Jordan staggered on to the back.

My guest and I had very good seats and I have to tell you that seeing Batista up close and personal shows that the guy still has a long way to go when it comes to working. He got a really big pop and the crowd was very behind him (as opposed to some of the heels in the other matches who had a good contingent of supporters).