TNA Wrestling returned to Universal Studios on Sunday July 17, 2005 with the No Surrender PPV. TNA and Universal made several modifications to Soundstage 21, including sending wrestlers to the ring from only one tunnel and changes to seat configuration. Orlando DJ Buckhead told me Wednesday he will have former WWE star Bubba Ray Dudley on his radio show. The show is on 101.1FM WJRR. With certain people returning to their old jobs with other promotions, it will be interesting to see if there will be any surprises tonight (Charlie Haas, Rhino, Shannon Moore and Matt Hardy??). The pre-show was hosted by Jeremy Borash and the Franchise Shane Douglas (Scott Hudson still MIA and still missed.)

The fans in the building could not see most of the pre-show due to technical difficulties with the stage monitor. Cassidy Reilly stopped by Borash and Douglas ready to support Raven. Jeff Jarrett came out and got in Mike Tenay s face. Both men entered the ring to air things out before the event continued. Jarrett spoke about losing the NWA World Heavyweight title and then losing his shot at Hard Justice. Jarrett used WWE by name and talked about Black Wednesday where 16 wrestlers were fired. Jarrett said TNA officials would open the door to the former WWE talent since they are the only other national promotion. He said for every former WWE worker that comes in a TNA worker will need to be let go. Jarrett claimed the first one to be fired will be JEFF JARRETT! Jarrett called out the fans for believing the WWE/Matt Hardy shoot angle and asked Tenay if Rhino was in the Impact Zone. Tenay told him Rhino would be here for the PPV. Jarrett said he would be back later on in the evening. Don West told Jarrett to hit the bricks.

The pre show match saw 1000% Guapo Shocker defeat Mr. 630 Jerrelle Clark.

TNA Producer David Sahadi continues to amaze people with the PPV cold opening that was backwards. That s right it was backwards. Some subliminal messages were in it and were direct taunts to WWE such as McMahon Fears Jarrett and We re coming to Spike in October.

(1) America s Most Wanted ( Tennessee Cowboy James Storm and Wildcat Chris Harris) defeated Alex Shelley and Michael Shane (w/Traci Brooks).

Early on it felt like Shelley and Shane didn t have the same chemistry as AMW as both men tried to avoid Storm s superkick. AMW was in total control of the match until Shelley hit Harris with a jawbreaker. The momentum didn t last long as Harris suplexed Shane and tagged out to Storm. Shane retreated to floor and Storm followed, walking right into a clothesline from Shelley who was waiting. All four men brawled on the outside using the guard rails as weapons. Storm threw Shelley off the rampway and then dove off on top of him. Harris and Shane brawled around ringside even as Brooks tried to aid her man. Andrew Thomas tried desperately to restore order as Brooks crotch shotted Harris. Harris responded by handcuffing Brooks to the ring post. Finally action retuned to the ring as Shane and Storm faced off. Shelley came in to save Shane but ended up getting beaten on by Storm. AMW had Shane set for the Death Sentence but Shelley broke it up. Brooks stole Konnan s gimmick and gave Shane her shoe to knock out Harris. Shane got only two and the end came as Shelley returned to the ring, only to be superkicked by Storm. After the bell Shane exacted some revenge and superkicked Storm.

They replayed footage from the pre-show with Jarrett and Tenay talking about Black Wednesday. Mike Tenay and Don West spoke but the live crowd before sending it to Shane Douglas who was with Team Canada. Team Canada spoke about Lance Hoyt s attack on Coach Scott D amore and how they were going to dominate No Surrender. Jeff Jarrett came in and said he was looking for Rhino and tied to instill fear in them. A teaser on the 2005 Super X Cup played.

(2) In a Super X Cup qualifier, Sonjay Dutt defeated Prime Time Elix Skipper, Shark Boy and Mikey Batts.

With so much action I might have missed some moves. Dutt and Skipper began the match with several high flying moves before Batts tagged Skipper. The crowd for some reason showed hostility towards Batts. Batts didn t fare too well against Dutt so he tagged out to Shark Boy. Just as Shark Boy got momentum, Batts came in and hit him from behind. Shark repaid him by biting his ass. Dutt had Shark Boy on the mat and was ready to fly when Skipper tagged himself into the match. Shark Boy went for a body block but Skipper MaTriX dropped out of the way and Shark Boy went by, tagging in Dutt. Batts became an island onto himself as all three men took turns beating him down. Skipper s tight rope walk on the top rope backfired and he landed on his head, on the floor. Dutt and Shark Boy followed Skipper and Batts to the floor with topes . The action came back to the ring. Batts suplexed Dutt off the top rope and Dutt landed on top Shark Boy. Skipper hit Batts with a fisherman buster. Shark Boy went for an inverted DDT but Skipper blocked it and ended upon the floor. Dutt kicked Shark Boy to the floor and hit Batts with the Hindu Press to win the match.

Shane Douglas spoke to 3LK members Konnan and Ron Killings about BG James but they were more focused on their match tonight.

(3)Gran Apolo and Sonny Siaki defeated Simon Diamond and David Young.

Diamond said he was taking Young under his wing in the Diamonds in the Rough to make him better then the two year losing streak. Young had big trouble matching up against the humongous size of Apolo and Siaki. Siaki went to the ropes but Diamond made things change as he held down the top rope sending Siaki to the floor. All four men ended up on the floor after suicide dives over the ropes. Back in the ring Siaki and Young got into a b—h slapping and chest chopping contest that was ended when Diamond stuck his nose in the match again. This time Diamond got in and wrestled Siaki. A Diamond/Young double team corner splash backfired and Siaki tagged out to Apolo who took on both men. Young thought he had the match won when he hit Siaki with a Spinebuster but referee Andrew Thomas told him Apolo was the legal man. Young turned around and Apolo hit a modified acecrusher to win the match.

Tenay and West spoke on camera before the next match.

(4) The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe defeated Chris Sabin.

Both men traded chest chops and kicks to the legs but Joe came out ahead on both exchanges. Sabin and Joe next moved into a mat wrestling attack. Sabin tried twice to knock Joe down with shoulder tackles but neither attempt worked until Sabin used kicks to soften Joe up. Sabin tried to get Joe up for the Cradle Shock but couldn t lift the 300 pound Samoan. Joe hit Sabin with a leg lariat, followed by a facewash and in ring OLE kick. Joe hit a backchop before locking a neckvise like move. Sabin escaped but ran into Joe s tackle. Joe took Sabin back to the mat with the same neck move. Sabin fought to his feet again and this time Joe threw him back to the mat. Joe hit a standing suplex for two. Joe laid in chops and punches before Sabin fell to the mat face first. Sabin got dropped on the ring apron and Joe charged right into a springboard dropkick from Sabin. Joe went to the floor and Sabin followed with a forward roll. Back in the ring, Sabin continued the offense wit ha top rope dive for two. Sabin went for the Cradle Shock but Joe countered into a German Suplex for two. It was followed by a Powerslam for two. Sabin hit a kick and a tornado DDT for two. Sabin went for a springboard move but Joe dropped him on a knee before locking in an STF. Joe switched into a crossface and somehow Sabin made it to the ropes before submitting. Joe s frustration grew that Sabin would not be beat. Joe went for a top rope Muscle Buster but Sabin countered into a powerbomb for two. Sabin got Joe up for the Cradle Shock but Joe delivered knees to the head to free himself. Sabin went to the top was hit by a Joe Muscle Buster. Joe took Sabin to the mat in a sleeper with a body scissor to win by submission.

Recap footage of Jimmy Hart joining with the Naturals and Lance Hoyt s troubles with Team Canada. Shane Douglas spoke to the Naturals, Jimmy Hart and Hoyt about the match.

(5) Team Canada s A1, Eric Young and Bobby Roode defeated NWA World Tag Team champions the Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas w/Jimmy Hart) and Lance Hoyt.

Normally I don t comment on things but this match is confusing. At Lockdown the Naturals jumped Hoyt for the injury to Chris Candido. Now they are running buddies. Something is aloof. The fighting began before the bell as A1 and Young jumped the Naturals on the floor as Roode tried to attack Hoyt in the ring. None of it worked and Team Canada retreated to the floor where they looked lost without D amore. Douglas, Stevens and Hoyt all took trips to the floor landing on Team Canada, Stevens with a moonsault, Hoyt with a tope . Back in the ring the Naturals and Hoyt had control of the match until A1 muscled Stevens into the Team Canada corner and would not let him out for several minutes. Jimmy Hart grabbed the Team Canada flag pole and tried to use it but Andrew Thomas saw it and order Hart to the locker room. Stevens was beaten down for what seemed like forever and finally made his way to tag in Hoyt who took the fight to all of Team Canada. The Naturals went for the Natural Disaster but Roode hit Douglas in the back with Hart s megaphone and followed it with a back clothesline to win the match.

Footage played recapping the 3 Live Kru s issues internally and with Monty Brown/Kip James. Shane Douglas spoke to Brown and Kip James about the upcoming match. Jeff Jarrett ran in asking if either man saw Rhino in the venue.

(6) In a NO-DQ Street Fight, Alpha Male Monty Brown and Kip James (formerly the Outlaw due to any possible legal action from WWE) vs. 3 Live Kru s Konnan and Ron Killings.

The crowd talked about this match before the PPV hoping to see the reforming of the former New Age Outlaws. Konnan busted open Kip James with one shot from the microphone. The fighting went on in the ring and on the floor. Konnan went to hit James with a cookie sheet but hit the referee instead. 3LK hit Brown with a double team to rope nut shot. They went to hit James but Brown sent Killings off the top to the floor. Brown grabbed Killings and went for a fallaway slam into a power bomb but Killings reversed into a huricurana. Andrew Thomas met the guard rail as the fighting continued as BG James watched from the rampway. As a third referee came out to the ring, Brown hit Killings with the POUNCE to win the match. After the match Kip James called BG James to the ring. Kip James handed BG a chair but BG refused to hit Killings even as the fans chanted New Age Outlaws.

Footage of the Styles/Waltman/Lynn backstory played. Shane Douglas spoke to Jerry Lynn about his return to the ring after a long layoff due to shoulder issues. Douglas tried to get Lynn to say which person he favored but Lynn said he was just the referee for the match.

(7) The Phenomenal AJ Styles defeated Sean Waltman/Syxx-Pac w/Jerry Lynn as the special referee.

Styles had Waltman in an armlock and used Lynn for leverage to escape. Styles got in two bodyslams before Waltman retreated to the floor. Waltman came back to ring and began chest chopping Styles but Styles fired back and hit a backbreaker. Styles continued the offensive attack with a modified Indian death lock which Waltman escaped, only to be kicked in the chest by Styles. Styles hit a dropkick and it sent Waltman to the floor. Styles followed him out to the floor with a suicide tope to the floor. Waltman recovered and threw Styles crotch first into the ring post. Waltman went back to the ring expecting a count out but Styles beat the 10 count. Waltman took Styles to the mat with a reverse chinlock but Styles got to his feet, only to be hit with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Waltman went for the Bronco Buster but Styles got to his feet and locked Waltman for the Styles Clash. Waltman kicked Styles in the head to escape and hit his Bronco Buster after all. Styles went to the floor but Waltman came of the top and threw his ass into Styles. Styles fired back and sent Waltman into the corner post and back into the ring where the fighting resumed. During the outside commotion Styles nose and mouth were busted open. Waltman hit Styles with suplexes before going up top. Waltman came off only to be dropkicked by Styles. Styles hit the Clash but Waltman kicked out at TWO. Styles went up top and missed the Spiral Tap. Waltman hit the X Factor but got two. Waltman went to the floor and came back with a chair which he locked around Styles left leg. As Waltman went to the top rope Lynn took it away. Lynn and Waltman argued as Styles recovered. Styles went for a sunset flip but Waltman grabbed the top rope. Lynn kicked Waltman s hands and Styles hit the Styles Clash to win the match.

Larry Zybzsko and Jeff Jarrett talked about Rhino s involvement in the event. Footage to hype Daniels/Williams played.

(8) NWA World X Division champion Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels vs. Team Canada s Petey Williams (w/A1).

Williams jumped Daniels before the bell rang and didn t let up his attack for moments. Daniels went o the floor but Williams hit a huricurana. Williams brought Daniels back to the ring hit suplexes and Canadian leg sweeps but couldn t get three. A1 distracted Rudy Charles as Williams did the O Canada crotch shot. Daniels ended up on the floor once more and Williams went for another huricurana on the floor but Daniels caught him and power bombed him on the ring apron. Back in the ring Daniels began to set up Williams back for the BME and Angels Wings. Williams tried to fight back but Daniels was relentless in his attack. Williams fired back with forearms, so Daniels hit an STO and locked in a submission move but A1 dragged Williams to the ropes. A1 and Daniels had words and it gave Williams time to recover. Daniels hit a gutwrench suplex for two. Williams fought out of an attempted tilt a whirl slam and dropped Daniels o the mat a Samoa Joe came out to watch. Williams kept on the offense with chest chops and forearms. Williams went for the Canadian Destroyer but Daniels bailed to the floor, only to have A1 toss him back in the ring. Daniels countered out of the Destroyer but Williams countered into a tornado DDT. Daniels recovered and hit a DVD and was setting for a BME when Williams caught him and locked in the sharpshooter. Despite A1 s helping Williams, Daniels made it to the ropes. Williams got on the attack again but Daniels stopped it with another STO for two. Daniels blocked the Destroyer and Williams blocked the Angels Wings. Williams put Daniels on the top buckle and his superplex was blocked by Daniels who missed his splash. Both men traded fists and Daniels wild swinging allowed Williams to lock in a crucifix for two. A1 got on the apron and distracted Rudy Charles while tossing Williams a chain. Without Williams knowing it Daniels had one too and knocked out Williams before hitting Angel s Wings to win.

A promo for the August 14th Sacrifice PPV played. The hype reel for Raven/Abyss played.

(9) In a No Surrender Dog Collar match, NWA World Heavyweight champion Raven defeated Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell) (Raven added the stipulation the match can only end via pin)

Needless to say this was bloody as hell as both men used the chain as a weapon. Abyss set a chair on top of Raven but Raven moved it and Abyss landed crotch first. Abyss laid out for chairs and slammed Raven on them but missed the top rope legdrop. Abyss recovered quickly and tried to choke out Raven but Raven fired back with chair shots to the head of Abyss which opened up the foerhead of the monster. Raven pulled out the faithful staple gun and hit Abyss s head with it and then stapled a dollar bill for good measure. The fighting went to the floor and up the rampway where Abyss and Mitchell set up three tables. Abyss took Raven onto the rampway and the stage. Abyss was ready for a chokeslam but Raven hit a nut shot and Abyss went into the tables. Raven followed him off after Abyss grabbed the chain and yanked Raven into tables busting Raven s head open. Abyss got to his feet and choked Raven out as Mitchell taunted him on the mic. Abyss pulled another table from under the ring and set it up ringside but Raven charged and sent Abyss crashing into the table. Raven and Abyss finally got back in the ring and Raven hit the Raven Effect but got two!! Raven dumped Abyss over the top rope and choked Abyss out. Mitchell came in and broke his walking stick over Raven s back to save Abyss. Abyss covered Raven for two. Somehow Abyss freed himself from his collar and got the satchel of thumbtacks from under the ring. They were dumped in the ring and Abyss put Raven on the top and was close to coming off with him but Cassidy Reilly saved Raven, only to be chokeslammed off the top rope into a table. Abyss laid in some punches but Raven tossed Abyss into the tacks to get a two count. Abyss hit Raven with the Black Hole Slam on the tacks for two. Abyss took his eyes off Raven and was hit with the Raven Effect on the tacks to retain the title.

Once the match ended Jeff Jarrett came out, apparently still looking for Rhino. Jarrett said Raven s nightmare was over and it was time for a reality wakeup call. He said no one could stop him from coming to the ring to beat Raven down. As Jarrett got in the ring to confront Raven, so did RHYNO who GORED Raven to the mat. After the live feed ended Jarrett and Rhino taunted the fans and the cameras at ringside area. Rhino grabbed the World title from Raven s hands and stood over the fallen and bloody champion

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