Thanks to Derrick Watson for sending this:

Dark Matches/Heat Taping:

– Matt Capotelli and a partner won a squash.

– Rob Conway beat Rosey.

– Rene Dupree beat Hurricane.

– Johnny Swinger won a squash.

After the show Batista & Cena beat Angle & JBL in a comedy tag match with the heels arguing after Angle made a blind tag to JBL at one point. They did the spot where Cena pulled down Angle’s pants by “accident” after a sunset flip.


Fairly full building tonight with a very live crowd.

After Cena performed Bad Bad Man and they went to break he performed My Time Is Now for the crowd.

WWE announced 2 small clearances for WWE 24/7.

For some unknown reason to know me crowd was very into Diva contestant Elisabeth.

Biggest Pops
1. Cena
2. Batista
3. Matt Hardy

Biggest Heat
1. Hulk not being there
2. Jericho after he kicked Cena
3. Angle