Source: Newsletter

While many WWE workers were upset to see someone with Cornette’s experience released from his OVW duties, even his closest supporters agree that his temper was becoming an increasingly serious problem.

“Cornette being fired was entirely fair,” said one previous defender of Cornette. “His actions (slapping an OVW trainee for laughing during The Boogeyman’s promo) were uncalled for. He’s always had a well-earned reputation for having a temper, but it’s gotten progressively worse.”

Even though the belief is that Matt Hardy did not finalize his return deal with WWE until very recently, some are of the impression that Hardy and WWE had some sort of agreement by the time of the Edge-Lita wedding. The feeling is that McMahon never would have given Matt Hardy publicity if there were fear of the wrestler signing with TNA. “Then again…” says one wrestler, “He might be so cocky that he doesn’t see TNA as competition and didn’t worry at all that Hardy could be of much help to them.”