WWE.com continued its attempt to serve as an insider source for wrestling news by covering the WWE tryouts of Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten, which took place before Monday’s RAW.

Balls Mahoney was in absolute shock when he got the call about trying out for WWE officials, “The Talent Relations department called me up and asked what I had going on Monday and Tuesday night. And I said, ?Wait a minute, okay, stop. What’s going on, is this a joke?’ And they said, ?No, we’re serious; we want to take a look at you.’ So, I said, ?Okay. Yeah! Twist my arm. Sure. What do you think I want to do with my life?’

Axl Rotten spoke very confidently about the impression his match left on fellow wrestlers.

“The consensus is that it was very good,” Rotten told WWE.com, “and from our point of view, from being out there and competing in it ? we’re never going to say that it was great because we can always do better, but everyone we spoke to enjoyed it, and we know the fans had a blast because if it’s one thing that Balls and Axl do when we go to the ring is throw a party.”

Both Mahoney and Rotten were also confident about the prospect of working future shows with WWE. Rotten also put over the ECW PPV:

“You know, the thing was, it validated us in the fact that we realized that we didn’t work eight or nine years in vain. We actually built something with ECW, and with the culmination of that pay-per-view showed that Balls and Axl are not dead, ECW’s not dead, and the fans still get behind us and believe in what we’ve done.”