WWE Smackdown! Recap – July 21st, 2005

WWE Smackdown! Results – 7/21/05
Baltimore, Maryland

Start of the Show:

Highlights are shown of JBL beating numerous opponents and knocking others out with the clothesline from Hell as well as a few chair shots. The highlight is a prelude as JBL will make his victory speech TONIGHT for the Great American Bash!

Referee: Brian Hebner
Rey Mysterio vs. Super Crazy

Rey Mysterio makes his way to the ring as he has accepted Eddie Guerrero’s challenge for the Great American Bash this Sunday. Making his way to the ring is then Super Crazy on a custom “Juan Deere.”

The start:

The two men circle before locking up. Rey gets the advantage with an arm wringer taking Crazy to the met. Crazy rolls back and kicks the ankle of Rey but Rey counters with an arm drag. The two men circle once more before locking hands and having a war of strength. Crazy trips Mysterio but Mysterio works his way up and uses a wheel barrel to hit another arm drag. Crazy kicks the ropes in frustration as the other Mexicools look on.

Mid Match Notes:

Mysterio gets stuck in a hold but pulls himself up to a flying head scissor but Crazy meets him with a dropkick for a two count. Mysterio trips Super Crazy up on the ropes and he goes for an early 619 but Crazy ducks out and regroups with his people. Crazy fakes talking to Juvi and as Mysterio goes to get him Super Crazy picks him up and slams him to the mat with a spine buster. Crazy stomps on Rey in the corner allowing the Juice to get in some cheap shots. Crazy chokes Mysterio with the boot until the count is broken. Crazy charges across the ring on Rey but Rey moves and Crazy crashes into the steel post. Eddie Guerrero makes his way to the ring as Smackdown! Heads to a commercial break!

When we come back from commercial break Eddie Guerrero is sitting ringside feeding B.S to Cole and Tazz. Mysterio gets a boot to Crazy’s face but as he flips for a Hurricanranna Crazy tosses him over his head and face first to the mat. Crazy then mounts some offense and he nails Mysterio with a wicked kick for a two count. Crazy places Mysterio is a body hold as Mysterio gets some help from the crowd. He gets to his feet but Crazy clubs him in the back. Mysterio finally hits a few elbows in the corner and he mounts the middle rope but Crazy meets him there. Crazy mounts Rey on his shoulders, Rey punches and goes for a victory roll but Crazy stops him and places him in a REAL surfboard swinging Rey’s body inches above the ground. He then loses the hold but holds Rey’s arms. Mysterio breaks the hold and hits a spinning heel kick and both men go down.

Crazy gains control once more and he nails Rey with a spinning gut buster over the knee. He covers for a two count. Crazy then places Rey in an abdominal stretch on the ground. Rey works his way up but Crazy throws him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Crazy then gives him a scoop slam. Crazy goes for a sick springboard moonsault but Rey moves out of the way at the last second. Rey fights back as Eddie keeps saying he is out here to tell his wife he loves her and he is doing all of this because he loves Rey. Mysterio battles back and nails a springboard cross body for a two count. Mysterio gives Crazy a head scissor near the buckle and it sends Crazy face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Mysterio lands on the apron and Crazy nearly decapitates him with a leg scissor kick followed by a jump moonsault for a two count. Crazy cannot believe he didn’t have him.

The Finish:

Crazy throws Rey off the ropes and he goes to flapjack him but Mysterio nails a hurricanranna sending Crazy in place for the 619! At this time though Eddie Guerrero comes and grabs a rake, climbs in the ring, and cracks it over Mysterio’s back.

Winner by disqualification, Rey Mysterio

Another promo is shown for JBL comparing him to George Washington saying they are both Great Americans.

When we come back from commercial Eddie Guerrero is shown leaving the arena but he runs into Teddy Long. Long asks where he is going. Eddie says he’s going to his car, he did what he had to do, and now he is going to the Great American Bash. Long says Eddie got what he wanted but Smackdown didn’t get what they wanted from Eddie Guerrero. He says he has a match tonight. Guerrero gets pissed and asks who it is against and Long says it’s a secret? playa!

Christian with Josh Matthews

Josh does his intro and Christian says he won’t be facing Booker T, he will be beating him. Again. He calls Josh Brian Seacrest. Then they show a clip of last week of Christian giving Booker T the Unprettier before pinning him. Josh asks if it made Booker T more mad and maybe give him a competitive advantage. Christian says he is the main even, makes fun of Josh some more and then says this weekend he will be nothing more than a two time? two time.. loser. Because that’s how he rolls.

Animal is shown in the back fixing up his paint as Heidenreich comes behind him and says they have a match but first he wants to read a poem. He reads the poem as Animal shakes his head in approval. Some of it was about Hawk. Animal says Heidenreich is a lot more like Hawk than he thought. Heidenreich says “what a rush!”

Another JBL promo is shown for JBL comparing him to Neil Armstrong, two great Americans!

Referee: Charles Robinson
Heidenreich and Animal vs. Julio Dinero and Nick Berk

Heidenreich and Animal come out to LOD’s old music as their opponents are already in the ring.

The match:

Animal and Heidenreich hit the ring, kick ass for about 20 seconds and then they hit the doomsday device! Heidenreich flies off the top rope hitting the clothesline!

Winners – Animal and Heidenreich

MNM is shown in the back and they aren’t really impressed.

Referee: Nick Patrick
Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero comes to the ring as he is not happy with having a match tonight. Eddie awaits his opponent and it is none other than? Chris Benoit! Eddie jumps out of the ring and he goes to book for it but Benoit grabs a mic and tells him to come back. Benoit then says at one time he liked to call himself one of his best friends. Benoit then tells him to get his ass in there, nicely. Benoit then says he wants to know what’s going on. Benoit asks if he listens to the people around him. Benoit says he loves him like a brother but?

The start:

Guerrero clocks Benoit across the face with a right hand before knocking him down and going for a chair. Patrick grabs the chair but Eddie nails a low blow. He goes for two covers, both two counts, and then he unleashes on Benoit choking him, kicking him in the corner and whipping him into the turnbuckle sending him down hard.

Mid Match Notes:

Benoit nails a chop but Guerrero hits a thumb to the eye of Benoit followed by a snapmare and a step on the face. Benoit reverses a whip and sends Eddie into the buckle. Benoit follows up with a release german suplex and both men are down as WWE head to a commercial break! When we return Benoit is chopping away on Guerrero but Eddie hits a dropkick to the knee of Benoit and then he slams his knee off the post not once but twice! Eddie works him over on the outside before throwing him back in the ring and hitting his small senton for a two count. Guerrero goes back to the leg of Benoit. Benoit grabs the hair of Guerrero before giving him a head butt. Benoit gets up but Guerrero goes back to the knee with a dropkick. Guerrero places Benoit in a leg grapevine and Benoit screams in pain but he slowly gets to the ropes by rolling through forcing Guerrero to break. Guerrero does not break for long as he stomps the lower back of Benoit before going back to the knee. Benoit uses a rollthrough and he nearly gets the sharpshooter but Eddie grabs hold of his ankle throwing him off balance. Guerrero goes back to the knee.

Benoit nearly gets placed in an STF but he reaches the ropes. Guerrero drops him with a back suplex and he starts to dance a bit as the crowd boos him. Guerrero goes to the top rope but Benoit gets to his feet and stops him before chopping the hell out of his chest. Benoit eventually hooks Guerrero and nails a giant superplex! Benoit head butts Eddie a few times and covers but only gets a two count. Benoit calls for the flying headbutt and he limps to the corner. Eddie Guerrero noLY moves out of the way as Benoit lands right on his face and Benoit is bleeding from the forehead. Guerrero gives a small dropkick right to the wound before he chops Benoit in the corner. Benoit reverses and gives Eddie chops of his own. Eddie begs off Benoit who is relentlessly chopping him but then he hits a thumb to the eye and he works on Benoit but Benoit chops him again! Benoit then gives Eddie Guerrero 3 German suplexes, the third a release. He crawls for a cover but instead goes for the head butt again! This time he connects but he may have done damage to himself. He manages to cover but Eddie noly gets his foot on the bottom rope.

The Finish:

Eddie holds onto the ropes, kicking Benoit off a few times but then Benoit drops grabs his feet and pulls him off. Benoit goes for the sharpshooter but Eddie rolls him in a small package for a two count. Eddie then nails 2 of 3 amigos but on the third Benoit slaps on the crossface! Eddie is only in it for a few seconds before he grabs the ropes. Eddie climbs out of the ring deciding he wants no more. He gets counted out as Benoit screams at him to come back.

Winner by count out, Chris Benoit

As Eddie is backing up the ramp Rey Mysterio nails him in the back and stomps the hell out of him. Officials then come and get him off as Eddie crawls to the back.

Special Referee for Bra and Panties Match

The music of Candice Michelle hit in the arena as she made her way down to the ring looking hot as usual. Candice got on the mic and said as American’s they are really proud of the men and women fighting for their freedom, and she has a very special announcement to make. She said that the Great American Bash will be available to the troops for free, and it’s the smallest thing they can do to say thank you. The music of MNM then hit in the arena as Melina made her way down to the ring. Melina took the mic and said she just heard that Candice is going to be the referee for the Bra and Panties Match at the Bash. Melina said her 15 minutes of fame are up. She called Candice so last year, but Melina is famous for being the manager of MNM, and also for being the most beautiful and dominant woman in the WWE, and she will prove it at the Bash when she strips Torrie Wilson down to her bra and panties. Melina said she’s going to put on a demonstration, and then attacked Candice. Melina ripped off Candice’s outfit, and she was down to her bra and panties. Torrie then hit the ring and took Melina down with a clothesline and then kicked her to the outside. Torrie helped Candice up as Melina left the arena.

Another JBL promo is shown with JBL being compared to Martin Luther King Jr.

Referee: Jim Korderas
Simon Dean vs. Booker T

Booker T comes to the ring, pyro included. Simon Dean shows up and says there are so many out of shape oinkers in the crowd. He says he respects Booker, but what he doesn’t respect is Sharmell, who goes to the buffet line five times five times?

The match:

Booker T tosses Simon in the ring before giving him a clothesline a few stomps and a side kick to the head. Booker slams his head off the buckle before unloading on him in the corner. Simon kicks him in the gut and mounts some offense with some clubbing blows. Booker is whipper to the corner and then the other but this time he gets an elbow up and nails a kick axe kick across the face of Dean. He whips him off the ropes and nails a flapjack followed by a spinarooni, an axe kick, and a three count!

Winner – Booker T

Booker gets on the mic and says the fact remains the same. Sunday night at the GAB, Christian is going to get a raw ass kicking. Can you dig that? Suuuuuuuckaaaaaa

Another JBL promo, this time Ronald Regan and JBL, two great Americans!

JBL’s victory speech

The ring is decorated in red, white and blue. The music of Orlando Jordan hits as he will be the first speaker at this convention. When we come back from commercial break, Orlando Jordan says last year, the greatest WWE championship reign in a decade began and this Sunday night he will make history again. Jordan presents to us, our next WWE champion; John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL comes out in a limo as it rains red, white, and blue confetti. He is swearing an Uncle Sam hat with an open button shirt. He steps out of the limo and he has a big goofy grin on his face as he hugs Orlando Jordan. He stands at his podium as he waves to the fans. JBL acts as if he’s already won the thing. JBL thanks Baltimore for the warm welcome and he came out to return the favor. JBL says at times like these, people like them need people like him. He says today he was compared to great, but lesser men. Ouch. JBL says America is this way because of people like him. He says they take over countries because they can and should because might is always right. He compares to himself to many other great Americans. JBL says America gives and gives but the world hates them because they are rich and mighty. He says that is why people hate him. He calls the people cowards and says he lets other people fight their fights while people like him defends for these people. JBL talks up how he is going to win at the Bash and how Batista was a coward in not facing him at WrestleMania. JBL then says Batista should thank him for allowing him to grace the cover of HIS magazine. JBL shows the Smackdown magazine. He then says it was last month but this month he has a different cover that will grace the magazine. He reveals a phony cover that says “JBL beats Batista” and has him standing over Batista holding the title. He says they’ve already been printed. He then guarantees that he will win this Sunday. JBL does the wrestling God bit but then the music of Batista hits! Batista hits the ring with the title around his waist. Batista has one hell of an entrance before entering the ring. JBL yells at Batista saying this is his ring. Batista grabs a mic and coughs into it. Then he asks JBL if he has any idea how ridiculous he looks. Batista says JBL calls himself a great American, and a wrestling God, he’s neither and he’s going to tell him to his face. He calls him a liar, a loudmouth, a bully, and a phony. Batista says this Sunday he is going to expose his ass. Batista says he has a guarantee of his own, he guarantees that in about two seconds, he’s going to whip JBL’s ass. Batista unloads on both Jordan and Batista but JBL high tails it and Batista plants Jordan with a spinebuster. Batista puts on JBL’s silly costume and holds his title high as Smackdown goes off the air!

WWE Smackdown! – Quick Match Results

– Rey Mysterio def. Super Crazy by DQ
– Hawk and Heidenreich def. Dinero and Berk
– Benoit def. Guerrero by count out
– Booker T def. Simon Dean