WWE SmackDown! Report: LOD Member Returns; More!

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Smackdown for July 14th opened with a recap of how World Champion Batista cost JBL his match with the Blue Meanie last week.

Eddie Guerrero came to the ring and talked about Rey Mysterio not being at Smackdown this week. Guerrero said that Mysterio thought by “not coming to work” he could avoid being humiliated. Guerrero started to talk about Rey’s “secret”, which Rey doesn’t want his son Dominic to know. Guerrero had them roll footage of Rey begging Eddie not to reveal the secret from two weeks ago, and being ordered around by Eddie in order to keep the secret from being revealed from last week. Back in the ring, Eddie started getting angry over Mysterio not being there. Eddie said he would reveal the secret now, and the crowd booed. Eddie said he was going to tell Dominic a “bedtime story” and had the ring announcer give him a chair so he could “get comfortable”. Eddie sat down, and joked that Rey was covering his son’s ears. Eddie sat down and was about to tell the story, when Eddie’s wife Vicki and his two daughters appeared in the aisle. Eddie told them to go to the back, but the wouldn’t leave. Eddie and her began to argue, off mic, and then Eddie yelled at her to go to the back, but Vicki grabbed the microphone from him. Vicki said she had to come out and calm him down. Vicki said it was getting out of control, and that Eddie needed to keep whatever the secret was to himself. Vicki tried to reason with Eddie, but when she said “Rey is a good man”, Eddie grabbed the mic from her, and forcefully turned her around. Eddie walked his wife, with their kids in front of them, threw the curtain as they went to commercial.

Back from the break, Eddie and Vicki were arguing backstage, with Eddie saying Vicki was interfering with his job. They argued all the way to the car, and Hardcore Holly tried to calm Guerrero down. Guerrero acted calm, then shoved Holly. Eddie ordered his wife to get into the car, and Vicki told Eddie he was acting “disgraceful”. Holly shoved Guerrero into the car door, and apparently walked off. Guerrero apologized to his kids, but then yelled for his wife to leave. Vicki drove off, and Eddie’s expression grew angry.

The Mexicools (Juventud, Super Crazy & Psicosis) vs. Paul London, Funaki & Scotty 2 Hotty. There was a slight “Lucha Libre” chant at the start. Super Crazy started off with Funaki, with Funaki grabbing a headscissors, then hiptossing Psicosis as he tagged in. Scotty tagged in, and he and Funaki decked Psicosis. Super Crazy kicked Scotty from the apron, but Scotty superkicked him to the floor. Juventud ran in and tossed Scotty shoulder-first into the ringpost. Juventud tagged in and started working on Scotty’s arm. Scotty battled out and went for a sunset flip, but Juventud rolled through it and hit a dropkick, then returned to the armbar. Psicosis tagged in, and Scotty was given a double drop toe hold and a sandwich dropkick to the head. Scotty was worked over in the Mexicool corner, but Scotty came back with a forearm on Juventud while Funaki pulled Crazy to the floor to start brawling with him. Crazy rammed Funaki into the security wall. Scotty made the hot tag to London, who cleaned house on Juventud with clotheslines and a backdrop, then hit a dropsault. London hit Crazy and Psicosis with spinkicks, then exchanged chops with Juventud. London hit Juventud with a belly to belly suplex, and set up for the 450 off the top. Psicosis went to stop him and ended up fighting with Scotty. Crazy pulled London throat first across the top rope, then hit a moonsault on him. Juventud pulled London towards the corner, and then hit a 450 splash (more of a 450 kneedrop) for the pin at the six minute mark. Winners: The Mexicools.

Officials checked on London after the match.

Matches for later tonight were announced, with Orlando Jordan vs. Batista, Christian vs. Booker T, and “just signed” Eddie Guerrero vs. Hardcore Holly.

Backstage, recent Smackdown arrivals Christian and Candice Michelle were chatting, with Christian offering to give Candice advice since the locker room looks up to him. Booker T entered and said Christian hasn’t changed, still bragging and not backing it up. Booker said if Christian wanted respect on Smackdown, it had to be earned in the ring. Candice laughed behind Christian’s back as Booker verbally undressed him.

Josh Mathews interviewed World Champion Batista backstage, and they showed the footage of Batista costing JBL his match with the Blue Meanie again. Batista said he watched Smackdown every week, and that JBL was just a “loudmouth and a bully”. Batista said you take care of bullies by “punking them out” and “beating them up”. Batista said he punked out JBL, and at the Great American Bash he would beat him up.

MNM were backstage, when Melina said she had business to take care of, and sent Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro ahead to the ring. Melina went up to Torrie Wilson, who was signing an autograph, and informed Torrie that she had competition now. Torrie said they can take it to the ring. Melina said they could do it at the Great American Bash. Torrie challenged to make it a Bra & Panties match. Melina said when she was done with Torrie, no one will remember her name and shoved her before walking off.

Heidenreich came to the ring, but was ambushed by MNM. They rammed him into the security wall and tossed him into the ring. They continued to pound him, and rammed him shoulder first into the ringpost. Melina got on the mic, and screamed that Heidenreich “has no friends”. She ordered MNM to finish him off, and they measured him for the Snapshot. Suddenly, “Ohhhh, what a rush” rang out, and the Legion Of Doom music played as Road Warrior Animal came out.

Animal beat down MNM, giving Mercury a powerslam and Nitro a running shoulderblock. Animal clotheslined Mercury for the ring, and then tossed Nitro on top of him. There was an “LOD” chant as MNM left through the crowd. Animal got on the mic, and said fans have been telling him that MNM is claiming to be the greatest tag team ever. Animal said they were “baby punks”. Mercury said Animal (calling him “old man”) could relive his past glory with a title shot at the Great American Bash, MNM vs. the Road Warriors. Nitro reminded Mercury that his partner was dead. The crowd groaned at that. MNM laughed at Animal. Animal went after them, but Heidenreich stopped him (actually, Heidenreich stopped him before he stared to go after them). Heidenreich told Animal he was his friend, but Animal reminded him that this was the “big time” now. Heidenreich said he wasn’t Hawk, but he would be his partner. Animal agreed and said at the Great American Bash it would be Animal & Heidenreich vs. MNM, and it would be an “old fashioned Road Warrior butt kicking”.

The Guerrero segment from earlier was recapped.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Hardcore Holly. They locked up at the bell, and Guerrero slapped Holly on the break, so Holly slapped him back. Guerrero and Holly traded chops, with Holly getting the better of it. Holly chopped Guerrero again and again, but Guerrero raked his eyes and fired off his own shots. The chopfest continued, until Eddie went to the floor to regroup as they went to break.

A disclaimer was shown saying “In light of recent world events, sensitivities have arisen regarding an ongoing storyline. Viewer discretion is advised in watching tonight’s episode.”

When the commercial ended, Holly hit a pair of armdrags and applied an armbar. Guerrero tripped Holly into the turnbuckles and stomped him down. Guerrero choked Holly against the bottom rope. Guerrero put Holly in a headscissors, but Holly turned it into an Electric Chair and slammed Guerrero to the mat. Both men were slow to get up, and they traded punches. Holly hit a pair of lariats, then backdropped Guerrero and hit a dropkick for two. Holly went for a full nelson slam, but Guerrero went into a forward roll and cradled Holly for two. Holly grabbed Guerrero and this time hit the full nelson slam for a two count. Holly went to the top rope and hit a flying clothesline for a two count. Holly whipped Guerrero into a corner, and Guerrero tried to leapfrog him, but Holly grabbed his legs for the Alabama Slam. Guerrero grabbed the ropes to keep Holly from doing the move, so Holly kicked Guerrero in the gut instead. Guerrero went to the floor, and Holly followed, hitting chops. Guerrero rammed Holly into the ringpost. Guerrero tried to get back in the ring, but Holly grabbed him from behind. Guerrero “accidentally” poked the referee in the eye, then kicked off the apron, driving Holly back first into the announcers table. Guerrero then rammed Holly into the ring apron. Guerrero reached under the ring, grabbed a steel pipe and hit Holly in the knee with it. Guerrero then applied a Texas Cloverleaf in the ring for the submission win at the twelve minute mark. Winner: Eddie Guerrero.

Guerrero got on the mic and apologized to his wife and kids, saying he would never do anything to hurt them. Guerrero told someone in the crowd to shut up while he made his apology to his wife, and cursed out another fan. Guerrero said he was going to prove his love to his wife. Guerrero said he heard what his wife said about Rey, and was going to give Rey a chance to prove himself at the Great American Bash. Guerrero said if Rey beats him at the Great American Bash, he will never tell the secret. However, if Guerrero beats Rey, he will finish “the bedtime story to Dominic”. Guerrero said he was a man that keeps his promises.

Michael Cole and Tazz said that Muhammad Hassan & Daivari were not at Smackdown tonight, but the Undertaker was. They said Hassan and Undertaker would wrestle at the Great American Bash in a number one contender’s match, and that Hassan’s lawyer would be reading a statement later.

A disclaimer was shown saying “In light of recent world events, sensitivities have arisen regarding an ongoing storyline. Viewer discretion is advised in watching tonight’s episode.”

A clip of Sting defeating Ric Flair for the WCW World Title at the 1990 Great American Bash was shown, sponsored by WWE 24/7.

Muhammad Hassan’s lawyer came to the ring, and read a statement on Hassan’s behalf. The lawyer said Hassan was suffering from “emotional distress” and had chosen to take a “leave of absence” from Smackdown. The lawyer talked about Hassan being an American, and how he had the same rights as anyone, including freedom of expression. The lawyer said he was retained to protect Hassan’s freedom of speech, and his rights. The lawyer said Hassan would not appear on Smackdown until after he defeats The Undertaker at the Great American Bash. The lawyer was then interrupted by the lights going out, and The Undertaker made his entrance. The lawyer reminded Undertaker that he wasn’t a wrestler, but Undertaker gave him a chokeslam anyway. Undertaker then finished him off with a tombstone piledriver and walked off.

Booker T, with Sharmell, vs. Christian. Christian attacked Booker T in the aisle as he made his entrance, throwing him into the guardrails and then whipping him into the ringpost. Christian rammed Booker T into the ring steps twice, and yelled at Booker about “embarrassing” him earlier. Christian rolled Booker into the ring, but referee Nick Patrick would not start the match while Booker was down. Patrick ordered Christian back to the corner. Booker got to his feet, groggily, and the match began. Christian grabbed Booker and hit the Unprettier for the win in about four seconds. Winner: Christian.

A vignette for the “Boogeyman” was shown.

The Great American Bash card was reviewed.

World Champion Batista vs. U.S. Champion Orlando Jordan, with JBL. No titles were on the line in this match. JBL got on the mic before Batista came out, and complained about Batista costing him the match with The Blue Meanie last week. JBL bragged about his long title reign, and talked about how at Wrestlemania, Batista chose to stay on Raw. JBL said that the Great American Bash will have the main event that should have taken place at Wrestlemania. JBL proclaimed himself the “Wrestling God” again, as they went to break.

Back from commercial, Batista made his entrance. Batista eyed JBL as the match start, while pounding Jordan in the corner. Batista hit a shoulderblock, then clotheslined him over the top rope and to the floor. Batista held the ropes open and invited Jordan back in as he regrouped on the floor with JBL. Back in the ring, Jordan fired off some punches, but Batista rammed him into the turnbuckles. Jordan kicked away a backdrop attempt, and JBL tripped Batista from the floor. Jordan dropkicked Batista out of the ring, and JBL rammed Batista into the ringsteps while the referee wasn’t looking. Jordan put Batista back in the ring and clipped his leg. Jordan elbowdropped the leg and dropped his weight on it. Jordan worked on the leg, driving his knee into it, while Batista tried to punch him away. Jordan wrapped the leg in the ropes, and when the referee made him back off, JBL pulled on the leg from the floor. JBL tripped Batista and whipped his leg into the ringpost.

Jordan stomped the leg repeatedly, and applied a leglace. Batista battled out and backdropped Jordan, but the ran into a boot. Jordan charged Batista, who picked up Jordan, out him in a corner and hit some shoulderblocks. Batista whipped Jordan into the opposite corner and hit a clothesline, then delivered a powerslam. JBL got on the apron, but Batista punched him down. Jordan charged Batista, and they ended up colliding with the referee. Batista gave Jordan a spinebuster. JBL ran in with a chair and blasted Batista in the head with it. JBL put Jordan on top of Batista, then used a bottle of water to revive the referee. The referee counted, but Batista got a shoulder up at two. JBL ran back in, but Batista clotheslined him. Batista then clotheslined Jordan as well, and gave him a Batista Bomb for the pin at the seven minute mark. Winner: Batista.

JBL clipped Batista’s leg, then gave him the Clothesline From Hell. JBL stood over the downed Batista, holding up the World Title belt, as the show ended