WWE Smackdown! Results - July 7, 2005

WWE Smackdown! Results – 7/7/05
Sacramento, California

Start of the Show:

Highlights are shown of John Cena being drafted to Raw. Highlights are then shown of last week's 6 man match that saw JBL's hand raised in victory followed by the drafting of Batista. After the highlights we cut to the ring where JBL is standing and talking and saying he was screwed again. He says the Montreal screw job looked like a parking ticket compared to what happened to him. There is a message on the bottom of the screen saying something about the London attacks and discretion is advised for this show. (Hassan?) JBL says tick tock, Batista has two weeks until the Great American Bash and he will once again become a champion. JBL says Batista looks like Tarzan, but JBL will make him cry like Jane. He calls himself a wrestling God and then his music hits even though he is not done yet. A limo pulls up and the Blue World Order comes out! Richards has the mic and he says his buddies' name is John Blue Shaw Lamefield. Then he talks about Nova. Richards has an afro and he claims to be Orlando Jordan. JBL starts to talk, Richards tells him that he made an ass of himself at the ECW pay per view. JBL says this is his show and they will not come here and ruin it. He then picks on the Meanie asking him about the stitches, the bruises and so on. He calls him fat and then says Meanie could not kick his ass if he was tied to a tree. Meanie challenges him and JBL calls him a fat b—h and says if he wants to come to the learning tree, this one is free. Richards says the B.W.O is on Smackdown and they wanted to show that they are taking over. They whip out some spray paint and the Meanie writes the "B.W.O" on the hood!

Number One Contenders Match (US Title)
Referee: Nick Patrick
Booker T vs. Chris Benoit

The music of Chris Benoit hit as he made his way to the ring for this US title number one contender match against Booker T.

The start:

The two men lock up and get a clean break in the corner. When they lock back up Booker T gets a hammer lock, Benoit reverses, Booker throws and elbow and comes off the ropes but Benoit throws him to the mat with a hip toss. They lock up again and Booker T works his way into an arm bar, Benoit pushes him to the corner and chops the crap out of him. He whips Booker off the ropes and hits him with a forearm.

Mid Match Notes:

Benoit hits a snap suplex and then chops away on Booker T at the ropes but Booker T fires back. Benoit sweeps the legs of Booker and goes for an early sharpshooter but Booker blocks it. The two men exchange blows until Booker T hangs Benoit up on the top rope. Booker T picks Benoit up and hits him with a high kick to the jaw. Ho covers and gets a two count and then places Benoit in another arm bar. Benoit works his way out with forearms but he meets a kitchen sink by Booker T off the ropes. Booker T waits for Benoit to get up and he hit him with a sidekick to the face. Another cover, another two count, another arm bar. Booker T goes for the axe kick after some action but misses, Benoit goes for the cross face but misses, back and forth action ensues and eventually Benoit slaps Booker T with three German suplexes! Benoit calls for the flying head butt and he climbs the top rope but Booker T meets him up there. The two men exchange blow after blow but Booker climbs the top rope and gives Benoit a superplex! Booker T crawls for a cover but only gets a two count. Booker T misses a heel kick and Benoit goes for the cross face but Booker T rolls through into a cross body arm bar.

The Finish:

Benoit rolls to the ropes to break the arm bar but he is screaming in pain. Booker T picks him up and delivers a spin kick to Benoit's gut. The two men get to their feet and battle but when Booker T goes to pick Benoit up Benoit slaps on the cross face. He screams at Booker T to tap and eventually he does!

Winner – Chris Benoit

Sharmell is looking on in the back on a monitor disappointed when she is startled by Orlando Jordan who looks at his future opponent!

Highlights are shown of last week's promo by Eddie Guerrero where he spoke to Rey Mysterio's son Dominic.

When we come back from commercial Rey Mysterio is shown walking down the hallway and he walks into the locker room of Eddie Guerrero. Rey Mysterio asks him to reconsider; he says Eddie has done some screwed up things. Disgraced his family, and their people, but taking it to his family is just wrong. Eddie says it is about what he wants, not what Rey wants. Eddie says he has a chance to become a tag team champion and he has a great partner in Rey Mysterio, he's only beaten him five times in a row. Mysterio says he does not want to be Eddie's partner so Eddie says he will just go out there himself and tell the world the secret. Rey reconsiders and Eddie says he knew he'd see things his way.

Hassan is shown in the back b—hing to GM Long. He says he was never pinned and never submitted last week so he should be the number one contender. Long says he will face the Undertaker at the Great American Bash for the number one contender. Daivari complains and Long says he don't speak that language! He then books Daivari in a match against the Taker tonight!

No Disqualification Match
Referee: Charles Robinson
The Blue Meanie vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

The start:

The Meanie runs through the ropes right into a boot to the face from JBL. JBL sets Meanie up in the corner and he unloads on his head and then kicks him in the face before choking him with a boot in the corner. JBL tosses Meanie through the middle rope and to the outside. He slams Meanie's head off the announce table JBL clubs him in the back of the head and JBL screams "ECW" at him. JBL picks the Meanie up and chops him to the ground. JBL then slams Meanie's head off the steel steps.

Mid Match Notes:

JBL rolls Meanie in the ring and then whips him head first to the mat. JBL whips him back to the mat and then does the Meanie dance to mock him. Meanie fights back with right hands but he gets hit in the gut with a knee and then gives him a swinging neck breaker. JBL then goes after Nova on the outside of the ring and he gives him a short arm clothesline. Then he tosses Richards head first off the steps. JBL grabs a chair and puts it in the ring. Meanie grabs it but JBL kicks him in the side of the head. Richards grabs the chair and slams it off JBL's head! Meanie hits a DDT and then climbs the top rope to hit a moonsault! He covers but JBL kicks out at two.

The Finish:

JBL eventually gets to his feet and he is busted open. He nails Meanie with the clothesline from hell but when he turns around he is slammed with a spine buster from Batista! Batista grabs the Meanie and then places him on JBL and he gets the three count!

Winner – Blue Meanie

JBL sits up in the ring and he is bleeding everywhere as WWE head to a commercial break.

Tag Team Title Match
Referee: Jim Korderas
Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero vs. MNM (c)

MNM make their usual entrance as Eddie Guerrero has forced Rey Mysterio to tag with him tonight.

The start:

Eddie starts the match off against Mercury and Eddie goes after him right off the bat with two takedowns. Eddie grabs the head of Mercury and orders Rey to tag himself in. Mysterio takes Mercury down and then nails him with a double dropkick right after a sunset flip roll through. Eddie yells on at Mysterio and Mysterio tags. Eddie takes Mercury down and dances the ring a bit before hitting the three amigos on Mercury.

Mid Match Notes:

Nitro comes in the ring and Eddie clears him. He climbs the top rope and nails Mercury with the frog splash! He covers but at two he gets off of Mercury and then tells Mysterio to tag himself in and cover him. Mysterio covers but he cannot pin Mercury. He kicks Mercury in the back and goes for the 619 but Guerrero grabs him and pulls him down. Guerrero goes and sits on the side of the ring while Mysterio gets the crap kicked out of him. Mysterio eventually builds up momentum and he nails a tornado DDT on one MNM member and then nails the other with a flying head scissor! Nitro is stuck on the middle rope and Mysterio nails him with a 619! He nails the drop of the dime on Nitro and he goes for the cover but Guerrero breaks the count himself.

The Finish:

Eddie Guerrero sits there and plays with Mysterio. He then lies on the ropes and tells MNM to do their thing. Eventually they drop Mysterio with the snap shot and the match is over.

Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions, MNM

Eddie waits for Rey to get up and asks if he wants to hit him. He says go ahead, hit him. He says he will just tell the world their little secret. Mysterio can noly stand. Guerrero says it takes a big man to put his ego aside and think of his family first. Mysterio goes to leave the ring but Eddie screams at him saying he didn't say he could go anywhere. Mysterio stares at him and Eddie yells at him not to look at him like that. He shoves Mysterio in the face and then says he can only leave when he says so. Eddie says since Rey is there, why doesn't he open the ropes for him? Guerrero says Dominic would love to open the ropes for Uncle Eddie. Mysterio swallows his pride, avoiding tears, and he opens the ropes for Eddie who leaves.

Christian is shown in the back and he is asked is he can win tonight against Batista. He says he in a natural main eventer. He says he was in the main event on Raw and Smackdown.

Referee: Charles Robinson
William Regal vs. Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan comes to the ring and his opponent is announced as a blockbuster trade from Raw in William Regal! Regal comes to the ring but the music of the Mexicools comes on a huge lawnmower. Regal jumps out of the way before the lawnmower hits him. They surround Morgan in the ring and then one of them hits him with a rake in the back. Juvi hits a tornado DDT on him and then two of them do a double dropkick to his front and back. What a way for Morgan to go. Psicosis hits the leg drop and Super Crazy hits the moonsault and then they all dropkick under the bottom rope. Regal looks on wondering what this is all about. Juvi gets on the mic and says "oops we did it again!" and they dance. Funny stuff. They say they will make an impact every week, does not matter if you are fat, skinny, American, African, Mexican, Japanese, etc. Psicosis says their ass is grass and they are the lawn mowers.

Winner – No Contest

Hassan and Daivari are shown in the back and Hassan says Daivari will make a sacrifice but it will be for the greater good in their plan.

Referee: Nick Patrick
Daivari vs. The Undertaker

Daivari comes to the ring as scared as they come. The music of the Undertaker hits and he makes his way to the ring striking fear into the heart of Daivari.

The Match:

Daivari leaves the ring as soon as the bell sounds and Hassan tells him he has to get in there. Hassan tosses Daivari into the ring! Daivari begs to the Undertaker not to hurt him but Taker slaps a choke on him and drops him with a chokeslam as he stares at Hassan halfway through the chokeslam. Taker picks Daivari up and drops him with a tombstone. He covers and gets the three count.

Winner – The Undertaker

The Taker stares down Hassan but Hassan is motionless. Hassan gets to his knees and raises his hands in the air and yells something. All of the sudden, about 5 masked men wearing camouflage pants come to the ring. One cracks Taker with a beat stick in the back and they all stomp on him. One then pulls our wire and chokes the Taker nearly to death. Taker's eyes are noly open as the men beat him down. Hassan comes in the ring and places the Taker in the camel clutch. Taker's eyes are noly open as Hassan tugs away. Hassan raises his arms as the men are on their knees seemingly praying to him. The men then lift Daivari and carry him over their heads out of the ring as if he were a martyr who has made a self sacrifice for the greater good.

Non Title Match
Referee: Brian Hebner
Christian vs. Batista

Christian heads to the ring to face Batista in this non title match-up. Batista comes to the ring and kisses the belt before the match starts.

The Start:

The two men lock up but Batista tosses Christian right across the ring into the ropes. Christian ducks a blow and fires away on Christian but he runs right into a shoulder block. Batista gets an early gorilla press slam on Christian before shouldering him off the apron and to the mat outside. WWE head to commercial break as Christian is in control.

Mid Match Notes:

Christian comes off the ropes but Batista gets him with a knee to the gut. Batista is in more control as he whips Christian off the turnbuckle. Christian heads outside the ring where he plays with the steps. Christian tries to go back into the ring but Batista grabs him and slams his head off the apron. Batista picks Christian up and he goes to send him into the steel ring post but Christian ducks out and pushes him into it. Christian then grabs Batista but Batista throws an elbow. Batista runs at Christian but Christian gives him a drop toe hold onto the steel steps! Batista tries to get back into the ring but Christian grabs his head and gives him a spiking DDT through the middle rope! Christian nails a neckbreaker after wearing Batista down and he covers for a two count. Christian places Batista in a headlock to wear him down a bit. Batista gets back to his feet but he runs into a double boot by Christian. Christian climbs the ropes and nails a missile dropkick. He covers and nearly gets a three count! Christian slaps his chest a bit and then he stomps on Batista before slapping on a rear naked chokehold. Christian goes for the unprettier but Batista works it so Christian is on his shoulders and he nails him with an electric chair drop! Both men get to their feet but Batista works Christian in the corner where he shoulders away. He tosses Christian off the ropes and Christian ducks a blow and goes for a cross body block but Batista catches him and gives him a mega slam.

The Finish:

Batista nails Christian in the corner with a clothesline and then whips Christian to another corner but Christian jumps up. Batista catches him and drops him with a powerslam, followed shortly by a spinebuster. Batista gives the thumbs down and plants Christian with the Batista bomb. He covers and gets the 1,2,3.

Winner, the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista

After the match JBL and Orlando Jordan hit the ring. Batista fights them off and he even goes for the Batista bomb on JBL but Jordan hits him in the back. Batista looks pissed and he stares them down. JBL shoves Orlando into Batista but Batista plants him with a spine buster. Batista then drops Orlando with the Batista bomb as JBL walks up the ramp looking on.

WWE Smackdown! – Quick Match Results

- US Title #1 Contender: Chris Benoit def. Booker T
- No DQ: Blue Meanie def. JBL
- Tag Titles: MNM def. Eddie and Rey
- Matt Morgan and William Regal: No contest
- The Undertaker def. Daivari
- Non Title: Batista def. Christian